Parizaad, getting a season two

Ahmed Ali Akbar’s most recent drama, Parizaad, is getting a sequel! According to creator Hashim Nadeem, Parizaad which received positive reviews for its ingenious storyline, will return for a second season. Nauman Ijaz, Muhammad Ahmed, Urwa Hocane, Saboor Aly, Ushna Shah, Yumna Zaidi, Mashal Khan, were among the initial cast members.

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Nadeem captioned a photo of Akbar dressed as Parizaad on Instagram, “Chapter 2.”

For the time being, the specifics of the situation are being kept under wraps. We’re excited to see what the show is about.

Parizaad season 2

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The characters in Parizaad are multi-faceted and rarely stereotyped, thanks to Nadeem’s beautiful writing. From escort culture in a high-fashion rich state to an queer person in a middle-class family, the serial managed to spark new debates.

Although the darkening of Ahmed Ali Akbar’s skin tone for the titular part irritated viewers, the serial has an ever-growing fan base thanks to its unique storyline and characters, who provided a welcome respite from the usual family tragedies and poisonous love triangles.

Parizaad season one last episode

In the second-to-last episode, it became clear that Parizaad was more concerned with finding a true purpose in life than anything else. As a result, the preceding episode kept on going in the same direction. Parizaad’s refusal to believe in love until the very end. Which prefers instead to devote his life to his newfound yearning. Furthermore, showed that he still believed he was undeserving of love. Annie’s speech made perfect sense; Parizaad will need time to forget everything he had acquired from his experiences over the years.

Now we wait for the next season!

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