Anwar Maqsood returns with Saadhay 14 August

After a protracted hiatus following Sawa 14 August, writer Anwar Maqsood is back with Saadhay 14 August, the third and final instalment of the theatrical trilogy, on August 14 in the city of lights.

On Saturday, Kopykats Production published a brief preview for the play with the caption, “Celebrating [the] 75th Anniversary of Pakistan with the final part of the theatrical masterpiece trilogy, Anwar Maqsood’s Saadhay 14 August.”

In it, a photographer was attempting to get a shot of Gandhi and Jinnah sitting on a bench. It became difficult for him to get the pair to bridge the space between them, which annoyed him. The conversation between the party delegates served as a brilliant commentary on the divisions that caused British India to be divided.

In the end, Maqsood enters, sits in the centre, and says “Saadhay Chauda August, chauda August” as the photographer takes a picture.

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The dramatist started the theatrical trilogy ten years ago. The first play, Pawnay Chauda August, had been a smash hit, playing to packed houses and reviving the theater-going craze. The second instalment, Sawa Chauda August, received a great deal of both critical and popular praise.

Furthermore, the author expressed his opinion over the absence of 14 (Chauda) August. He stated: “I won’t be writing that because to my mind, Pakistan hasn’t yet seen a chauda August worth celebrating.”

The play Saadhay 14 August will start from 14th August 2022, in Arts Council of Pakistan.

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