Asad Umar warns fourth wave of Covid-19

Islamabad: Head of the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) and federal minister Asad Umar on Friday stated that the fourth wave of Covid-19 could possibly emerge in Pakistan in July if precautionary SOPs are not properly implemented.

Asad Umar tweets, “Reviewed the artificial intelligence-based disease modeling analysis today in NCOC,” Umar said in a tweet. Moreover, he stressed, “In the absence of strong SOP enforcement and continued strong vaccination program, the 4th wave could emerge in Pakistan in July. Please adhere to SOPs and vaccinate as soon as possible.”

Recently, Pakistan is experiencing a “temporary” vaccine shortage that made the vaccine process slow and ineffective all over the country. Dr. Faisal Sultan assured of the smooth administration of vaccines after June 20th, 2020. He also said that it is a temporary shortage and the situation is expected to improve after June 20 with the availability of more vaccine doses.

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Pfizer vaccine update

Faisal Sultan also announced that Pakistan signed a deal with Pfizer-BioNTech for providing 13 million dosages of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. While the specific course of events and a timeline aren’t accessible, it is normal that the first shipment of the Pfizer vaccine would show up in July while the excess would be given before 2021.

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On Thursday, the NCOC said that the national count of the active cases fell below 33,000. Earlier this month, the coronavirus positivity rate came down to pre-third wave levels.


Whereas, Pakistan faces a temporary shortage of vaccinations. People should follow SOPs and maintain social distance so that the effects of the virus can reduce to the lowest.

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