A Promised Land is the main volume of Obama’s arranged two-volume edition. He sold it alongside his significant other Michelle’s memoir ‘Becoming’ for a record-crushing $65 million out of 2017. On its first day of sale, it sold 890,000 copies in the US and Canada. It opens by drawing Obama’s initial life and political profession prior to specifying in comprehensive thoroughness. His experience on the public political stage, starting with his 2004 Senate crusade. It leaves off in May 2011, with Osama bin Laden dead and Donald Trump all over news, yelling about a birth certificate.

A Promised Land by Barack Obama

A Promised Land is luxuriously filled with details of Obama’s own experience. Barack’s ‘mother,’ for instance, is an incessant presence, particularly in the prior segments of the book. At the point when she is determined to have uterine cancer, Barack welcomes her to come and live with, or close, his home in Chicago.

In any case, mother says no: she’s glad to remain where she is in Hawaii under the eye of her aging mother ‘Toot.’ Maya stays in contact with Barack, providing details regarding their mom’s health decline.

But when she calls to him to tell him that her mother has passed on, his trouble is increased by a feeling of disgrace that he was not there at her bedside.

Over and over, for example, when Obama is attempting to get his medical services program passed by Congress, he recollects his ‘mother’ and, supplicating and trusting he will not let her down on a task he realizes she would have endorsed, sobs a bit.


Barack Obama and his love for his Toot

Concerning ‘Toot,’ she lived on until late 2008 and, only a couple days before the extremely significant important presidential election, Obama made a 36-hour outing to Hawaii to bid farewell to her.

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Tutu passed on in a matter of seconds thereafter and at his last mission rally, Barack talked about his granny: how she had grown up during the Depression and dealt with a mechanical production system while ‘Gramps’ was away during the conflict. ‘She was one of those legends that we have across America,’ he told his crowd (p. 199).

Legends, and calm legends!

He continued, ‘there are a ton of calm legends like that’, parents and grandparents, he said, who, working hard all their lives, have the satisfaction of seeing that their children, grandchildren, and maybe their great-grandchildren live a better life than they did. ‘’That is what the issue here is,’ Obama concluded. ‘That is the thing that we’re battling for.’ The next day, he was elected President.

Barack Obama and his office administration

The book further contains many sections on Obama’s administration’s efforts to confront and reverse the financial crisis of 2008. Obama promised voters that, once he gets into power he will create a healthcare policy. Will tackle and solve the problem of climate change. Obama gave attention to all these projects. During 2009 when he was awarded Nobel Peace Prize he knew he might soon find himself committing more soldiers to war (the ongoing conflict of Afghanistan) rather than to introduce another era of peace.


In conclusion

All through the book, Obama links personal and public. Regardless of whether it’s his mother or his grannie, Michelle, or the daughters. Or the expert companions and associates with whom he turns out to be close (or goes against). The composition is loaded with character on character—his own not least. He is perpetually pondering about his inspiration and his abilities, particularly when thinking about campaigning for office.

Goodreads Rating 4.39/5


Barack Obama was the 44th president of the United States of America in office January 20th 2009 – January 20, 2017.

Barack Obama grew up in Honolulu, where his mother went to school at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Obama began a close bond with his maternal grandparents when he was a child. His mother remarried to Indonesian Lolo Soetoro in 1965.

Barack Obama’s recent book is ‘A Promised Land.’ His book is an Autobiography Political memoir published by Crown on November 17th, 2020.


Obama primarily prepared the speech himself after learning he had been picked to deliver it in early July, with subsequent modifications from the Kerry presidential campaign.