So, based on the premise, it is assumable that this would be a romance novel in which the love interests’ “meet-cute” played a significant role in them getting together for the first time. Or getting back together for the second time. It was quite startling (however, not disappointing) to find that it only appears briefly in the narrative. And only at the beginning, when the protagonists reunite as adults.

Helena Hunting

Helena Hunting is the author of the bestselling PUCKED series, which has been featured in the New York Times and USA Today. She lives with her wonderfully forgiving family and two fairly intolerant cats on the outskirts of Toronto. She writes a wide range of genres, including romantic sports humor and new adult angst.

Meet Cute by Helena Hunting – Book Review

Kailyn Flowers had not anticipated her first day of law school going from a pep talk. Envisioning success to falling flat on her back hugging her teen idol and fangirling all over him. Sadly for her, this does not turn out to be the case. And the most humiliating moment of her life is not locked up with the key thrown away. Every law school class has her embarrassment, and he likes discussing and competing with her.

The progression of a teenage crush

This novel is so much more than Kailyn’s crush for Dax, a former teenage idol. We have Kailyn, a lawyer who devotes as much of her free time as possible to pro bono cases. (To assist low-income families.) Dax, the heartthrob hunk-like celebrity, went on to study law and become a lawyer. Kailyn’s fascination with Dax’s TV persona takes a second seat to the story’s actual backbone. Which is loved because celebrity meet-cute romances are such a worn cliche these days.

While Kailyn is relieved when she and Dax parted ways after law school, she is disappointed when he shows up in her legal firm five years later. When his parents establish trust for Emme, he joins them.

Kailyn and Dax meet again a week after his parents are tragically killed in a car accident. He’s here to see if Emme’s trust is safe and whether her guardianship is properly put up to safeguard her.

The romantic perspective by Helena Hunting

Even in the face of terrible loss, this is one of those rare romance stories that can exhibit a compassionate romance. While sadness is always present, Hunting takes great care to show how the emotional relationship is more than just one of consolation and pity. There is sexual attraction, an intellectual meeting of minds, admiration, respect, and an adult emotional connection that surpasses the mundane, as well as empathy and concern for each other.

Final thoughts

Meet Cute is a book that will make you laugh and weep at the same moment, sometimes along with the same page. It’s a narrative about compassion and affection, wit and sensitivity, joy and sadness, and everything in between. This is a novel you don’t want to overlook.


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Book ratings 3.8/5