If you’re looking for a fun chick flick, go no further than Sophie Kinsella. Today we’ll be talking about her book, My Not So Perfect Life, from the Shopaholic series. The book strikes a good mix between realism and levity.

My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella Book Review

The plot centers around Katie’s relationship with her employer, Demeter, who has a less-than-ideal existence (with a seemingly perfect life right down to the exquisite name). Alex Astalis (also allegedly flawless), another major London branding name who is the brother of the guy who owns the firm Katie works in as an entry-level worker, provides the romance aspect. Her employer believes hand-written customer surveys are oh-so-original, so she spends her days typing them.

Katie or Cat Brenner?

Ironically, as someone who works in a branding and strategy agency, the first thing on her to-do list is to undergo a personality change. Why not create her own “Cat Brenner from London” act if she can design brochures that promote the desired image?

Naturally, her soul seeking is more surface than soul, and she may come across as neurotic — or hilarious, or both — at times. 

Sophie Kinsella honoring female friendship dynamics

Another element that sets “My (Not So) Perfect Life” apart from other comic books is that it isn’t about a romantic relationship. Oh, there’s one, and it’s full of the typical misunderstandings and antic pairings, but the heart of this novel is about female friendship and its dynamics. When Demeter and her family arrive for a glamping vacation, Cat-turned-Katie sees a chance to mend fences between them. Everything from lemon drizzle cake to a mud-and-cowpat escapade is involved in the subsequent turmoil.

Furthermore, despite its comedic narrative exaggerations, neurotic character self-obsession, and overall emotional drama, My Not So Perfect Life gets it right. As it celebrates the formation of true sisterhood in a workplace rife with politics.

Sophie Kinsella is known for her vivid, relatable characters as well as her exceptional narrative abilities. Now she returns to spin this fresh, modern narrative about presenting the perfect life when the truth is far from the picture, with all of the humor, compassion, and wisdom that have made her books so popular.


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Sophie Kinsella is the pen name of Madeleine Sophie Wickham, an English novelist.

Her literary career began in 1995 when she published a series of books under her actual name, Madeleine Wickham. Sophie Kinsella – a name fashioned from her middle name and her mother’s maiden name – was born out of the need for a distinct name.

In her teenage period, the British author was a gifted pianist who attended Oxford University to study music. Eventually, she concluded that, while she liked music, she wanted to pursue something different and transferred to a degree in politics, philosophy, and economics.

Sophie Kinsella married Henry Wickham in 1991 and they both have 5 children.

Sophie Kinsella has written over 99 books on Goodreads and sold over 45 million copies in over 60 countries. 

Book Ratings 3.8/5