Fiction books have a different effect on the mind and soul. It speaks volumes, the story resonates with your mind and you can relate to it on so many levels. Despite it being fiction or something which is not true it still has an effect. Similarly, I chose This Time Next Year by Sophie Cousens one day while looking randomly at a bookstore. And I thought well how good a celebrity can write? And I was amazed, after turning the last few pages I was left with a wonderful feeling. It is heartfelt, cute, and humorous at many points.  

Sophie Cousens

Before becoming a full-time writer, Sophie Cousens writes romantic comedies. She worked as a TV producer in London for more than twelve years. She worked on shows such as The Graham Norton Show, Russell Howard’s Good News, and Big Brother.  

Cousens now resides in the UK and balances her writing career with taking care of two small children. Sophie yearns for a time when she can add a special power and wishes for the ability to read books faster than she keeps buying them. This Time Next Year is her debut novel and was widely received by critics and readers.

This Time Next Year Book Review 

Minnie Cooper knows two things with assurance: that her New Year’s birthday is unfortunate, and that it’s all a result of Quinn Hamilton, a man she’s rarely met. Their moms gave birth to them at a similar clinic soon after 12 PM on New Year’s Day, yet Quinn was given the monetary reward for being the first child brought into the world in London in 1990–and the name Minnie was intended to have, also. With karma like that, it’s no big surprise every one of her birthday celebrations has been to a greater extent a fiasco.

Love happens in the most unexpected way

At the point when Minnie suddenly runs into Quinn at a New Year’s celebration on their mutual 30th birthday celebration, she sees just more proof that fortune has kept on preferring him. The attractive, enchanting entrepreneur genuinely appears to have everything—including the ideal sweetheart. Yet, if Quinn and Minnie are from various universes, for what reason do they continue to bump one another? Furthermore, how can it be that each disappointing connection in one way or another appears to leave them both expecting more?

The character development and more

The novel goes in-depth about the characters in a real, original way. Quinn is rich, handsome, and successful, but that’s not all. Sometimes these romcoms overshadow characters like Quinn in the stereotypes but that’s not the case here. He has more in himself which Minnie eventually learns about.

This Time Next Year covers missed connections with fate, love, and emotions packed with a little humor. And should definitely be on your next read list!


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Book Ratings 3.8/5