Apple launches iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max

Apple unveiled its new iPhones at its “Far Out” event on Wednesday, but the biggest changes were reserved for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models. The new highlight: The iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max do not have a notch. Instead, a small pill-shaped screen cutout houses a redesigned TrueDepth camera unit for Face ID, selfies, and video calls. Rather than ignoring the cutout, Apple created Dynamic Island, a system of moving alerts and notifications that makes use of the black space around it. Aside from the odd name, the feature is compelling and looks cool in person.

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The absence of Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus is just one of the ways Apple has widened the gap between Pro and non-Pro iPhone models. Price is another option. The iPhone 14 Pro costs $999, which is $200 more than the iPhone 14, which costs $799. The 14 Pro is priced similarly to previous Pro models and the 2018 iPhone X. However, some people will be put off by the 14 Pro’s or 14 Pro Max’s starting price of $1,099.

Goodbye notch, hello Dynamic Island

From the back, the iPhone 14 Pro looks very similar to last year’s flagship, the iPhone 13 Pro. However, when compared to the notch on the 13 Pro, the display cutout on the 14 Pro looks more modern and fresh. The first thing that stands out about the iPhone 14 Pro is the absence of the infamous notch. In comparison, the pill-shaped display cutout is much smaller.

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That’s how it works,

Super Retina XDR display

The cutout is only one component of the Super Retina XDR display, which can now reach 2,000 nits of brightness for improved visibility in bright light. In comparison, the iPhone 13 Pro has a maximum brightness of 1,200 nits. The 14 Pro employs LTPO (low-temperature Polycrystalline oxide) technology to reduce the refresh rate to 1Hz, which may help save battery life and enable Always-On display. The LTPO screen on the 13 Pro has a maximum refresh rate of 10Hz.

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A new Bionic A16 chip

There’s also the new A16 Bionic chip, which is only available in Pro models this year. The A15 Bionic chip found in last year’s iPhone 13 Pro is used in the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus. The A16 chip is more efficient than the A15 chip, consuming 20% less power.
The A16 chip has 16 billion transistors on a 4-nanometer process, compared to 15 billion transistors on a 5-nanometer process in the A15. Aside from the increased transistor count caused by the new manufacturing process, the jump in computational power from the 13 Pro to the 14 Pro may not be as significant as it was from the 12 Pro to the 13 Pro.

It’s unclear how much RAM the iPhone 14 Pro will have because Apple has never disclosed how much RAM is in an iPhone.

The Pixel binning camera

The iPhone 14 Pro will be equipped with a 48-megapixel camera. For better light capture, the quad-pixel sensor employs pixel binning to group four pixels into one large pixel. With high-megapixel camera sensors, Android phones such as the Galaxy S22 Ultra use a similar technique. The Pro Raw mode on the phone allows photos to be captured at the full 48-megapixel resolution.

iPhone 14 price in Pakistan

iPhone 14 price for 128GB $799 (179,471.74 Pakistani Rupees), 256GB $899 (201,933.79 Pakistani Rupees) and 512GB $1,099 (246,862.26 Pakistani Rupees).

Furthermore, iPhone 14 Plus price for 128GB $899 (201,936.94 Pakistani Rupees), 256GB $999 (224,399.34 Pakistani Rupees) and 512GB $1,199 (269,324.70 Pakistani Rupees).

Moreover, iPhone 14 Pro price for 128GB $999 (224,395.86 Pakistani Rupees), 256GB $1,099 (246,857.90 Pakistani Rupees) 512GB $1,299 (291,782.00 Pakistani Rupees) and for 1TB $1,499 (336,706.01 Pakistani Rupees).

Last but not least, the iPhone 14 Pro Max price for 128GB $1,099 (246,857.90 Pakistani Rupees), 256GB $1,199 (269,320.94 Pakistani Rupees) 512GB $1,399 (314,245.21 Pakistani Rupees), 1TB $1,599 (359,169.47 Pakistani Rupees). All these prices are non-PTA approved. They come in space black and deep purple, in addition to the traditional silver and gold.

So when are you getting your iPhone 14?

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