My passion for Indian web series is well-known, and most people understand why. It boasts a strong story line, as well as over-the-top direction and cinematography. I recently had the opportunity to watch Made in Heaven, and I was blown away by not only the acting but also the story line.

Made in Heaven cast

The cast includes, Jim Sarbh, Sobhita Dhulipala, Arjun Kapoor, Kalki Koechlin Shashank Arora, Shivangi Raghuvansa and Natasha Singh in lead. The additional cast includes Vinay Pathak, Zachary Coffin, Dilip Tahil, Ayesha Raza Mishra, and others.

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Made in Heaven story line

The most rational thing to do when two people sincerely love each other is to marry and be forever linked as one. Of course, things aren’t always that simple in the real world, and as Made in Heaven demonstrates. Life can be downright chaotic and confusing at times.

Amazon Prime’s latest Indian drama is a humbling, but slightly exaggerated look at marriage from the eyes of two wedding planners. Karan and Tara, who are dealing with their own personal troubles along.

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Every wedding is a chaos!

The weddings they plan are always dripping with tension, ready to explode at the first sign of family meddling. There’s always something that has to be corrected that goes outside the scope of a wedding planner’s responsibilities. But as we learned in episode one, their firm desperately needs money, and Karan is in serious financial trouble. It’s not just about weddings in Made in Heaven.

Sexuality, guilt, bullying, and adultery are all heavily reflected in the series. How the wealthy and snobbish cheat and assume they can get away with it. And how guilt jeopardises relationships built on adultery!

The brilliance of cinematography

Throughout Made In Heaven, tracking shots are used extensively. Cameras pan horizontally over the terrain on several occasions, adding depth to establishing views, while the numerous memories have the customary array of echoing voices and dreamy, vivid colours for impact. They’re minor details, but they contribute to the series’ authenticity and uniqueness.

Final Verdict

Despite the complex drama woven throughout each episode, Made In Heaven has a raw and honest quality to it that makes it worth watching.

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Furthermore, what makes this show so contagious and keeps you going back for more is seeing two families from different walks of life come together in the face of love.

Moreover, while some may bemoan the over-the-top tone as the show occasionally borders on melodrama, Made In Heaven is a well-produced, competently acted drama that showcases the best of Indian culture and weddings.

Watch the trailer here

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