Allah Hu hamd by Sara Baloch

After Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar, Fareed Ayaz, Abu Muhammad, Shuja Haider. Local artists are also keeping the Ramadan spirit alive. As we all know artists know no religion and despite everything they get recognition. Music has been one of the forms of art that has been in the industry the longest and with the blend of different religions into it. It gives a wholesome vibe. RJ Sara Baloch also managed to keep the Ramadan spirit alive even after the Holy Month of Ramadan. She released her hamd Allah Hu composed and produced by Shallum Xavier.

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Hamd is all about describing your love for Allah (SWT). The special part about this hamd is that it was composed by a non-Muslim music composer and guitarist, the Fuzon-famed Shallum Xavier. This is the first time that he has collaborated with a local artist for a hamd. Shallum has been recorded music with famous artists in the past like Ali Haider, Najam Shiraz, Zeb and Haniya, and Hadiqa Kiani. Shallum presented the idea to Sara as it was very dear to him and after a lot of hard work it came out. The male lyrics part is recited by Jaffer Shah.

Allah Hu hamd – Review

Allah Hu hamd is a melodious creation, written by Hidayat Sayer. The calligraphy was done by Shah Abdullah, leading calligraphy artist of Pakistan. The lyrics translates as, mera chalna, mera rukna, mera thakna, mera girna, mera uthna, mera jhukna Allah Hu. The hamd gives out the beautiful message that, “None but Allah has the right to be Praised for he alone is the lord of the world.” Sara’s voice is keeping the Ramadan spirit alive even after.

Sara shared her excitement and gratitude and said that she has been associated with SAMAA FM as an RJ for a while and reciting hamd and starting her YouTube channel with this is a massive opportunity and she is humbled by the love she is receiving. Furthermore, she hinted that Shallum and her are working on a track these days and will be launching it soon.

Listen to the full hamd here

Sara Baloch hosts Chill Karo, every Saturday and Sunday 5pm to 8pm on SAMAA FM.