Hasan Raheem makes his debut at Coke Studio season 14

If there’s one thing Hasan Raheem, Talal Qureshi, and Justin Bibis’ latest Coke Studio offering Peechay Hutt has going for it, it’s that it’ll have you moving. The song, as well as its accompanying music video, oozes electrifying Gen-Z energy with a message to match, featuring beats by Qureshi, Raheem’s distinctive mumble, and a forceful chorus by the Bibis.

All three musicians make their Coke Studio debuts with Peechay Hutt, which is described as an attempt to “embrace the sound and iconography of the future” in the official press release.

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Peechay Hutt Hasan Raheem and Justin Bibis Coke Studio

Peechay Hutt is a funky dance tune with visually appealing images and artwork. The song has an entirely different sound than the previous songs published this season, and it’s been dubbed the “flashpoint for a new generation’s rising” by Coke Studio.

The highlight is Hasan Raheem’s soothing voice coupled with Justin Bibis’ spurts of intensity set against a thundering beat electrifying beat.

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The most intriguing aspect is Hasan’s inclusion of the Shina language (which is spoken in Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral) in the songs.

Twitteratis love Peechay Hutt by Hasan Raheem, or not?

The song instantly garnered views and love from the audience and Twitter has different views about it. Mixed

A user shared,

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