Kiran Naz stands against the statement of Pervez Hoodbhoy

Kiran Naz, a SAMAA TV anchor, wore a complete hijab during a segment of her show 7 Se 8. She emphasized that the hijab never prevented women from participating in society or made them “Abnormal.”

Professor Pervez Hoodbhoy said that women students at Pakistani colleges are no longer “natural” because they wore a hijab, according to the show.

What Pervez Hoodbhoy said about hijab?

Without hiding her face, Naz began her program by recounting how Hoodbhoy, a physicist and mathematician, had helped the country by spending four decades of his life teaching at Islamabad’s Quaid-e-Azam University.

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Nonetheless, he was frequently chastised for his remarks, according to Naz, who added that Hoodbhoy recently made another statement that has generated “an uproar around the country.”

Naz then showed a video clip of Hoodbhoy speaking with News One, a Pakistani television program. He claims that when he first started teaching in 1973, he seldom saw women wearing headscarves in college. However, hijabs and burkas are now common. “A normal girl would be seen only once in a blue moon,” Hoodbhoy says.

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When burka-clad women sat in classes, the professor says, they would scarcely engage in-class activities. “To the extent that you don’t know whether they are present in the classroom or not,” he said.

Samaa TV anchor Kiran Naz wears a hijab in live show!

Naz states at the end of the video that she doesn’t know what Hoodbhoy means, but she feels the hijab is an important part of Pakistani Islamic culture. And she is proud of wearing it. “I don’t wear the hijab myself, but I can’t dismiss others who do,” she added.

After that, Naz says that she would host the rest of the show while wearing a complete hijab. On camera, she wears a black cap to hide her forehead, followed by a hijab that covers her face and shoulders. “Hijab-wearing women are normal in the exact same way as those not wearing hijab,” she says. She stated that her comments or ideas would not alter under any circumstances.

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