The 5th Hum Style Awards

The spectacular event of the 5th Hum Style Awards of 2020 occurred in Lahore on the 4th of July 2021. The occasion was hosted by Ali Zafar and Urwa Hocane, was a ritzy occasion. Numerous popular faces show up. Moreover, celebrities like Shamoon Ismail, Maya Ali, Ayesha Omar, Bilal Ashraf, Sarwat Gilani, Hasnain Lehri, and Emmad Irfani commended style and brought home awards.

Some notable wins included Bilal Ashraf and Maya Ali, both taking the Most Stylish Actor Film 2020 Awards.

Emmad Irfani and Nausheen Shah both won Most Stylish Actor Television 2020.

Shamoon Ismail bagged the Most Stylish Performer 2020 award. The nominations include Meesha Shafi, Uzair Jaswal, and Ali Sethi. Outfitters won the Retail Label of the Year 2020 award. Many other designers like Shehla Chatoor and Amna Chaudhry also received awards. Khushal Khan, model, and actor, took home the Rising Star 2020 award.

Hasnain Lehri bags the best model award in male category. The nominations also included Champ Imi, Ali Kureshi, and Sachal Afzal.

Giti Ara bags the award for best model 2020 in female category,

The host controversy

Ali Zafar and Urwa Hocane were the hosts for the event that created quite a controversy for Ali Zafar. Som people are claiming that a harasser is given a stage to perform and host. Meesha Shafi tweeted in response,

Another user tweeted in support of Meesha, saying,

Ali Zafar also gave a dance performance with Alizeh Shah in the event caused backlash from netizens.

Alizeh Shah on Twitter trends

The only highlighted element of the whole event was Alizeh Shah, this has landed another added controversy where people are saying Imran Khan was right and her dressing was downright rejected by netizens.

Donning a grand black strapless ballroom gown, Alizeh was seeing flaunting herself with her short bob and golden studded earcuffs earings.

A user tweeted, “In a society, where people are not used to such things, they get triggered by watching obscene clothing, hence it’s proved that @ImranKhanPTI was absolutely right.”

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A user also went an extra mile and actually covered her revealing body with a makeshift scarf,

Mashal Khan was also seen wearing a gorgeous maroon satin thigh-cut strapless ballroom gown for the event, though she also managed to get some trolling along with Aima Baig.

Some Fashion disasters

Furthermore, designer Ali Xeeshan and Fahad Hussain came under the troll radar due to their attires. The custom-made dressing like a king and Fahad’s (snorkeling mask-like) accessorization were enough to be on the pinpoint of memers parade.

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One user tweets,

Moreover, another user tweets,

Well, that sums up the entire event in disasters and controversies.

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