Good news for Humayun Saeed and The Crown’s fans

Here’s to the fans who have been anticipating the release of The Crown. Also, since actor Humayun Saeed’s casting as Dr Hasnat in the Netflix series was announced: the wait is almost over! Netflix announced on Saturday that the fifth season of The Crown will release on November 9.

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The official account for the royal drama announced on Twitter that the series will premiere in early November, two months after the Queen’s death. The fifth season is thought to follow the family through the 1990s.

Saeed also confirmed his role in The Crown by reposting it on Instagram.

A new Queen replacement as Imelda Staunton

Imelda Staunton will replace Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II in the upcoming season. Meanwhile Jonathan Pryce will play her husband, Prince Philip. Meanwhile, Dominic West will play Prince Charles (now King Charles III). Elizabeth Debicki will play Princess Diana, Lesley Manville will play Princess Margaret. Moreover, Jonny Lee Miller will play Prime Minister John Major.

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Although the producers of the dramatised royal drama have remained tight-lipped about which real-life events they intend to bring to the screen, the extensive casting has provided significant clues.

Humayun Saeed as Dr. Hasnat

Saeed will join the ensemble cast as Dr Hasnat Khan, a British-Pakistani heart surgeon with whom Diana had a secret two-year relationship—and it is expected that their love affair will be featured in the upcoming season. The ‘People’s Princess’ is said to have described Khan as ‘Mr Wonderful,’ and she also paid a visit to his family in Lahore in May 1996. Diana’s friends were quoted as saying that Hasnat was the “love of her life” and that she was devastated when he ended their relationship in June 1997. Dr. Hasnat also attended Diana’s funeral service.

Dr. Hasnat

He also stated that rumours are flying around and that the series publicist has already confirmed the cast announcement, which includes Humayun Saeed.

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