Humayun Saeed in Netflix’s The Crown!

While the actor Humayun Saeed has been silent and the show’s official pages have remained silent, social media is buzzing with rumors that he’ll be playing Pakistani surgeon Dr. Hasnat Khan, whom the late Princess Diana was rumored to adore.

“BIG BREAKING: Can confirm that our very own Humayun Saeed will star in the next season of Netflix’s The Crown,” senior journalist Hasan Zaidi tweeted. “He’ll play Dr. Hasnat Khan, Lady Diana’s claimed ‘true love,’ whom she reportedly referred to as ‘Mr. Wonderful.'”

He also stated that gossip is rampant and that the series publicist has already confirmed the cast’s announcement, which includes Humayun Saeed.

Mahira Khan, Saeed’s Bin Roye co-star, too seemed to know about the big reveal, tweets!

Saeed would be the first Pakistani actor to be cast in a Netflix original, according to journalist Hassan Choudary.

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Moreover, he also shot down rumors that Fawad Khan, the Bollywood superstar, would be joining the famous show.

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Who is Dr. Hasnat?

Hasnat Ahmad Khan, FRCS is a heart and lung surgeon who is British and Pakistani. From 1995 until 1997, he was famous for his romantic relationship with Diana, Princess of Wales.

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