Aiman Khan stirred up a little storm among fans that are now too curious to learn more about her twin sister’s wedding and more so as to who the lucky guy is!

Aiman posted a family selfie in which Minal, their mother and she are seen posing with ubtan all over their faces. Needless to say this picture went viral right away with fans anticipating seeing and knowing more about this. While a segment of fans are convinced its Minal’s mayun pictures, the other set of followers are still clueless and awfully curious. And how come Minal is still yet to post anything along these lines?

Aiman tied the knot with fellow actor Muneeb Butt back in 2018. Soon after she got married, the fans began anticipating Minal’s wedding. But then Minal and her then alleged ex Manzoor Khan deleted all their pictures together one fine day leaving fans in dismay.

Can the lucky guy be her now rumored companion? Minal Khan and co-star Ahsan Mohsin Ikram have been seen showering expressions of admiration & affection over social media for each other. For now we can only wait and watch.

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