Renowned dramatist Asma Nabeel passes away on Thursday night after a prolonged battle with Cancer. The news has shocked the whole acting fraternity.

Who was Asma Nabeel?

Asma Nabeel is one of the very fine gems the Pakistani industry had. She was a poet, producer, writer, motivational speaker, and creative consultant. Belonging from Karachi she was a Karachi University Alumni from the Department of Mass Communication. Asma started her career as a creative consultant in various companies. She worked as a creative director at JWT and Orientm and later became a chief creative officer at Walter Pakistan. She wrote and translated Beydaari under Beo Zafar’s book ‘A Dreamer Awakes.’

Asma Nabeel dramas

Asma was known to pick out sensitive issues of society and highlight them in a way that makes its place in people’s hearts. She made her debut after being diagnosed with ‘breast cancer’ and since then she was into chemotherapy. She made her screenwriting debut with the drama ‘Khuda mera bhi hai’ in collaboration with Sana Shahnawaz. The drama raised the issue of tolerance and acceptance of unisex children in society. After that, she wrote one of the most famous Pakistani dramas ‘Khaani’ staring Feroze Khan and Sana Javed. Khaani became and outranked all other dramas and got six nominations at the Lux Style Awards 2019. Furthermore, she wrote a rom-com ‘Maan jao na’ in 2018 with Raza Firdousi.

Moreover, Asma highlighted one of the darkest realities from this society through ‘Surkh Chandni’ starring Osman Khalid Butt and Mansha Pasha alongside Sohai Ali Abro who played the role of an acid burn victim.

Asma Nabeel’s bollywood’s debut

Asma made her Bollywood song-lyrical debut in Helicopter Eela starring Kajol, the song was performed by Shilpa Rao.

Social work participation

Like her strong writing skills and creative arc, Asma holds a heart of gold. She was actively involved in highlighting social issues. Before her demise she was working on her new project ‘Fly,’ the project which is extremely close to her heart.  The movie revolves around the topic of breast cancer. It stars Hajra Yamin and Wahaj Ali in lead roles. Moreover, she collaborated with Sadia Jabbar and hosted Beautiful Confessions with Asma Nabeel on YouTube where she talked with women of every curve of the society and talked heart-to-heart.

Celebrities pay tribute and respect to Asma Nabeel  

The sad demise of Asma Nabeel has shocked the acting fraternity. Celebrities are paying respect to the writer and sending out love and condolences her way.

The Surkh Chandni star Osman Khalid Butt tweets,

Furthermore, Vasay Chaudhry tweets,

Khaani famed Feroze Khan writes,

Moreover, Adnan Siddiqui tweets, “#AsmaNabeel, you #warrior! Gone too soon…we were to witness your exceptionally written dramas many times over. May Allah grant you Jannah ul Firdous. Ameen.”

Mansha Pasha also tweets her condolence, says, “The saddest news ever. Asma Nabeel has passed away. I hope at such a moment amidst prayers for the departed, we remember how short life is. She was a wonderfully positive person and I’m so proud to have worked in a serial written by her. Thank you.”

Aijaz Aslam shares his condolence and says,

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Asma was surely a gem for the society, may she rest in peace!