Resham claims depression does not exist

In a recent interview with PTV Home, legendary actor Resham made the audacious claim that depression “does not exist” and that it is instead a result of turning away from God.

She claims, in a video that is currently going viral online, “I’ve always stated, I believe depression does not exist. A separation from God is depression. I was raised by my sister because I was reared without parents; so, anytime I missed my parents, even though baji never allowed me to feel their absence, I would turn to God. When you’re feeling down, pray and cry out to God.

And don’t forget God,” adds anchor Sami Khan. “God’s secrets contain the peace of your heart.”

Without a doubt, says Resham.

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The difference of thinking

The Jannat Ki Talash actress posted the clip to Instagram along with the statement, “Every human being has his own thinking. And for me, whether it be depression or any other issue, the answer is to adore and cling to Allah. Perhaps some individuals did not get my argument. Deep concepts that not everyone can grasp… All I want to say to the critics is to save your energy for something good. God bless you all.

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