Shehroze Kashif summits K2 at age 19!

Mountaineering is one of the toughest sports. And Pakistan is filled with daring people who spent their whole childhoods climbing mountains. Making their names on the list of recognition. However, Shehroze Kashif is shining on the top currently as ‘The Broad Boy’ becomes the first Pakistani to summit K2.

Pakistan – a country where mountains roar!

Pakistan is home to one of the finest and gorgeous mountains [also very dangerous]. People have been summiting it for years. It was Achille Campognoni and Lino Lacedelli who became the first duo to reach K2 for the first time. The Italian Expedition was led by Ardito Desio in 1954. Ashraf Aman however became the first Pakistani to summit K2 in 1977.

Achille Campognoni and Lino Lacedelli

For Shehroze Kashif the journey has sure been tough but a pleasant one. Just after Pakistan’s most celebrated Mountaineer-cum-Porter Ali Sadpara’s dead body was found by Madison Mountaineering/Mashabrum Expedition Trek and Tours at Bottleneck K2 on Monday the 26th July – 158 days after they got missing from their descent along with Juan Pablo and John Snorri – Shehroze, after a few hours became the first 19 years old Pakistani to summit K2!  

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Shehroze Kashif and Mount Everest!

Hailing from Lahore, The Broad Boy also summited Mount Everest before his current expedition. He held the title of the youngest Pakistani to reach mount, Everest. Kashif is also the youngest Pakistani to have climbed Broad Peak (8,047m) at the age of 17. He used supplemental oxygen on his climbs to Broad Peak and Everest.

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Earlier, Samina Baig, the first Pakistani woman on Everest, was also the youngest Pakistani, at the age of 23, to reach the summit of the tallest 8,000er in the world.

The Broad Boy’s final push to K2!

Shehroze started his summit push to K2 around 11:00 pm on 26th July 2021 and his GPS tracker was live on Garmin [PakistanOnK2]. And around 9:45 am the confirmation news confirms his world record, making him the youngest Pakistani on K2 at just age 19.

What a proud moment for Pakistan, congratulations The Broad Boy!

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