Sumbul Shahid passes away

Sad news for the acting fraternity as Sumbul Shahid has passed away. She was the sister of Bushra Ansari and Asma Abbas who are also renowned actors. According to the news and her family, the actress was on a ventilator at a private hospital in Lahore. Several members of the acting fraternity called for prayers for her.

Sumbul shahid

Sumbul Shahid

Sumbul started her career as a hostess of the talk show ‘Golden Girls’. Then she worked at a Punjabi channel ‘Apna channel’ for four years. She used to interview female politicians in Punjabi. ‘Taakay Ki Aae Gi Barat’ was her debut drama in which she played the role of mother of the protagonist Taaka. She was known for her outstanding portrayal in dramas Aeteraaf, Ishqaaway, and Nand. Her last appearance was in the drama Nand with Shahroz Shabzwari, Minal Khan, Ijaz Aslam and others stars.

Sumbul Ansari’s son also passed away last year after a paragliding incident. News of her passing shocked the entire industry by storm. Fans are expressing their grief over the heart-breaking news.

sumbul shahid

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Ali Safina who played his son in Taakay ki ayegi baraat, is also sad by her death and he wrote “Our dearest Sumbul Shahid Apa has passed away after fighting with Covid-19 for so long!”

Sumbul Shahid
Sumbul Shahid

Rest in Peace Sumbul Shahid Sahiba. You were a gem and we will miss you.