Music for Pakistan has always been one of the attractions. There was a time when bands from the ’80s and ’90s are all we live for. Being a 90’s kid this could be the biggest relate. Starting from Awaaz, Strings, Junoon, and Vital Signs we all have grown up. And now due to different musical platforms arranged by big brands. We see newly emerging bands like Kashmir, E-Sharp, Darvesh, Xarb, Tamasha, and Bayaan who are changing the musical dynamics. But what about the solo artists who are working extremely hard being all low-key and still getting the hype? Talal Qureshi is one of them!

Talal Qureshi

Hailing from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Talal born on 2nd April 1988 and shifted to Islamabad where he started working with music at the age of 13. He released his first single “Phase Shift” in 2007. In 2012, he released his debut EP “Equator.”

Talal Qureshi and music

Talal Qureshi has worked with plenty of underground and local artists. He has a fan following from the neighboring countries as well. Some of the names include Hasan Raheem, Faris Shafi, Mooroo, Naseebo Lal, Natasha Noorani, Maanu, Adil Omar, and a California-based singer Rehma.

He produced the music for Hasan Raheem’s song Paisa which got 654k views and was appreciated not just in Pakistan but got worldwide appraisal from Pakistani and Indian fan following.

His collaboration with Faris Shafi is a banger. The song called “Jawab De” was featured on BBC Asian Network.

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No just this, Talal Qureshi found out the rock-pop side of Naseebo Lal for his song “Aag,” he released the song two years ago and it was unexpected of Naseebo Lal to have sung it. Now we have seen her in the PSL 6 anthem so we can relate it. But take your journey two years back with no memory of PSL 6 in your mind and listen to it, and you will find what a great discovery that was!

Furthermore, A local music artist Maanu released his new song “5 AM” in collaboration with TQ a few days ago, and the song is getting recognition among people.

Moreover, Adil Omar along with Talal Qureshi formed their own band-duo SKNM in 2015. And they both released a single in 2018 featuring Tim Armstrong of the 1991’s Punk Rock band Rancid.

The future of music in Pakistan

The electronic music fanbase in Pakistan is very limited and hardly get the showcasing on local media outlets thanks to YouTube that people are able to witness quality music and mind blowing production. Talal Qureshi often organizes shows by himself or been organized by a certain group who believes his music. And the type of music Talal makes compliments the night time rather than the daylight.

Despite EDM music being an oasis in Pakistan. The country still lives lots under music bans and stringent censor board laws. But artists like them are making the musical society alive in the industry! ROCK ON TO!
Find more of his music on YouTube and SoundCloud.