In Pakistan, a huge number of patients pass on every year because of misrepresentation, unreliable health specialists, and the absence of innovation and medical technology. Patients spend nearly $3 billion consistently on private medical services. Nonetheless, the experience of tracking down an appropriate and expert specialist is agonizing, unpleasant, and regularly winds up without an answer or a proper solution. A ray of hope emerged when a Lahore –based private Pakistani healthcare startup Marham launched around 2015.


Marham is a health-tech startup by Ehsan Imam, Asma Omer, and Farwa Ali. The startup began as a doctor booking platform, enabling patients to book meetings with health specialists at various emergency clinics across Pakistan. It has since advanced into a medical care platform that additionally permits clients to book online conferences (with specialists) and lab tests and request meds, through its site or mobile applications.

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Furthermore, Marham developed as the leading telemedicine platform giving web video meetings to patients. Marham has enrolled 20,000 doctors from 67 cities in Pakistan and aided 10 Million+ patients through its organization. 100,000+ surveys/reviews and wellbeing stories on Marham’s website engages patients to settle on the right choice in minutes.

Interestingly, Marham achieved all these milestones while bootstrapping the company. It has been profitable almost from the beginning which has allowed them to grow without raising any money.

Marham raises $1 million seed

The health-based startup has also recently raised $1 million in a seed round led by Pakistan-focused Indus Valley Capital. The round also includes the participation of Weihan Liew, an angel investor from Southeast Asia.

On the occasion, the co-founder and CEO said, “There is much work to be done to ensure that patients receive faster care and have a better experience. We are aware that our solution is a long-term investment for the industry.”

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Furthermore, he said, “Given its direct impact on human lives, the health tech industry’s sensitive nature makes scaling significantly more difficult than in other tech sectors. We’ve taken great care in developing our team, product, and processes in order to provide a higher level of service.”

Moreover, Marham’s vision is to build a healthcare ecosystem. The ecosystem is sustainable for patients, doctors, and hospitals. This all can happen through technology, processes, and telemedicine-enabled micro-clinics across Pakistan.

The startup also believes that they are all set to do this because of the 1st mover advantage, well-equipped team, and the ability to sustain through bootstrapping.

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