A large portion of the banks in Pakistan neglect to offer a good advanced experience to their clients and customer, with many, requiring branch visits for things as small as inquiring about an ATM card. SadaPay is a startup that is introducing itself as an option in contrast to these banks with an emphasis on client experience and that is evidently why it has gotten an excellent reaction.

Let us introduce SadaPay, a startup for your free debit card & digital wallet to shop online. A platform from where you can send money to anyone, pay your bills on time and get free cash withdrawals at any ATM in Pakistan.


SadaPay is a startup by US entrepreneur Brandon Timinsky who aims to bring modern financial services to Pakistan. It also aims to eliminate the complexity of banking and simplify money through modern tech. The word ‘Sada’ itself represents simplicity so your money is going through a safe and easy procedure.


Low cost option

SadaPay doesn’t have any expensive physical branches than a traditional bank. Which is the first step to your savings as a customer. Furthermore, you can get a free Mastercard debit card, with no annual fees or minimum deposit. It also offers you instant and free transfers to any bank or wallet in Pakistan (under just Rs. 10k) Moreover, you can get free cash withdrawals at any ATM in Pakistan (3x per month)

Well secured and safe

SadaPay protects your funds and digital wallets with its advanced systems. Imagine getting your salaries online and your wallet becomes an automatic salary calculator for you, securing all your other credits into check.

Strict Protection

It protects your funds and sensitive personal data with encryption in-flight and at rest.

Biometric recognized access

It offers customers biometric fingerprints and face ID for quick access to their accounts.

Fraud detection

SadaPay also offers you high-tech fraud detection so you can keep your money safe and protected.

Easy Registration

With no rushing to the banks, you can simply sign up with just a selfie, a picture of your CNIC, and basic information. Ditch your extensive bank paperwork to its 2 minutes registration process.

Effortless Payments

You can also send and receive payments easily within seconds.


Above all, with promising customer service SadaPay offers you no hidden fees or charges.

Shop Globally

Your free SadaPay Mastercard is accepted at 30 million merchants globally so you can shop till you drop by your favorite brands and outlets.

SadaPay Milestone

SadaPay fintech headquarters had raised $7.2 million in a seed round led by New York-based Recharge Capital. The financing is the largest-ever seed closed by a Pakistani startup. It incorporates support of returning financial investor Kingsway Capital, Raptor Group, and prominent fintech angels, including the founder of Ualá Pierpaolo Barbieri, Ribbit Capital’s Brian McGrath, previous General Catalyst accomplice Ilan Stern, and Andrew Wang the founder of Valon Technologies.

With new ideas and efforts, start-ups like SadaPay are making sure to create hassle-free banking possible in Pakistan without absolutely no paperwork. Finally, with transparency and open communication, customer value and care is the main priority and ambition for SadaPay.

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