Television dramas in cinemas

Popular television series is being screened in theatres, which appears to be a trend these days. What began with a successful screening of the final episode of Humayun Saeed and Ayeza Khan’s drama Meray Pass Tum Ho has become a growing trend, with Sang-e-first Mah’s episode recently screened and now the much-anticipated final episode of the blockbuster serial Parizaad set to hit theatres on Friday.

Syed Muhammad Ahmed, Adeel Afzal, Urwa Hocane, Saboor Aly, Ushna Shah, Yumna Zaidi, Mashal Khan, Tipu Shah, Kiran Tabeer, Leyla Zuberi, Madiha Rizvi, and Malik Hamid Raza are among the cast members. Ahmed Ali Akbar has proven his mettle playing the lead role as Parizaad.

Parizaad Finale

Last week, another episode was announced to provide complete closure to the show’s audience. Which was previously slated to feature 28 episodes. The last episode will now air on prime time television on February 1, four days after its theatrical release.

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The controversy of skin darkening

Although the darkening of Ahmed Ali Akbar’s skin tone for Parizaad irritated a bunch of viewers. The serial has an ever-growing fan base thanks to its unique storyline. Moreover, the characters provided a welcome respite from the usual family dramas and toxic love triangles.

Parizaad Storyline till now

Parizaad’s characters are multi-faceted and rarely stereotyped, thanks to Hashim Nadeem’s beautiful writing. From escort culture in a high-fashion rich state to a queer person in a middle-class family, the serial managed to spark new debates.

Parizaad (Ahmed Ali Akber) does not resemble his name, which means “born of a fairy” and hence implies someone charismatic. If all other factors are equal, Parizaad appears to be darker and more obnoxious. He has been treated as an outcast since birth. He is, however, substantially smarter than everyone else in the room and has a kind heart. Naheed (Ushna Shah), his neighbor and student, shows out as a clear contrast to Parizaad.

Parizaad’s life shift

With a complete 360 shift in Parizaad’s life within a span of 5 years throughout the drama, Parizaad was an insecure and self-doubting man who is faithful to his core, went through an emotional and financial rollercoaster. His acting was perfectly representative of his socioeconomic level and emotional battles with accepting self-love and pursuing his aspirations, from a poet to a mechanic to a personal chauffeur to a business tycoon. He chooses to leave everything behind for a nomadic life until he finds a place where he truly belongs, as revealed in the second-to-last episode.

What will happen in Parizaad?

Will Parizaad be able to pick a location of love or will he abandon everything once more? Would he be reunited with RJ Annie, who has recently regained her vision? Will his childhood trauma and inferiority complex be forced out of him by money, Annie’s love, and power? The novel has a sad ending, but let’s hope the serial does not finish with his inner troubles smothering him to death despite his having all he ever desired.

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