It’s all about music for Pakistan these days. The new Pakistani bands are making strides in the industry. We have been seeing many emerging artists in Pakistan and today in Thursday Tunes we are featuring some tracks so that you can loop through this weekend and enjoy them as we do.

To Get Her by Natasha Noorani

To Get Her by Natasha Noorani might be an underrated song with surely doesn’t lack any emotion. Natasha’s work always contains quality. Voiceover artist and an ethnomusicologist by profession, Natasha has made different types of music with proper knowledge behind everything. This song is deeply connected with how a woman is indifferent in her emotion and how a man wants to have her attention and how she is trying to make it better. Now working as a Singer and Music producer Natasha’s recent single ‘Choro’ is setting a benchmark.  

To Get Her lyrics – Natasha Noorani

I find comfort and peace,
Was a possibility,
And in the moonlight,
He was calling out to me,
I have stayed in comfort for long,
The way that you have yet to see

Filhaal by Towers  

The band Towers formed four years ago under Bilal Baloch, Changez Basir, and Ashir Bhatti. The songs are written by Bilal on guitar, keys, and electronics, in both Urdu and English. The band explores ideas of independence, culture, and personal spirituality. Filhaal is their 2020’s production. The music is ‘vibe-y’ and fun to listen to. The feet-tapping Urdu lyrics are worth dancing on. The most fun part of this song should be the music production, the upbeat tunes give out the clarity of emotions even well.

Filhaal lyrics – Towers

Ankhon se tum bolti hou,
Sunta hi rehjaon mein,
Nazroun se har pal ko pal se jorti hou,
Is pal to apnaun tou?
Aa theher in lamhoun mein,
Bhool jaa use rehne de,
Hum saath saath hain.

Prosaic by Abdullah Siddiqui ft. Faris Shafi

Abdullah Siddiqui is the youngest music producer and electro-pop prodigy for Pakistan and simply a magnificent artist. A 20 year old singer and songwriter has been making music from a long time. Album after album Abdullah makes music, also collaborating with different artists. Prosaic is one of his collaborations with Faris Shafi. Written and produced by Abdullah himself the lyrics show mad-maturity for a 20 year old. Faris whereas came off with an Urdu rap to compliment the electro-pop feel of Prosaic.

Prosaic lyrics – Abdullah Siddiqui ft. Faris Shafi

Thought I was profound last night,
It’s not affected, it just really isn’t right,
Am I the one in pain again,
Some things are just too good to be true,
And then I beat myself up,
I beat myself up,
Somehow I flower through the rain,
Under the pressure of the everyday sky,
Am I not worthy cause I did kinda try,
Is it resilient to want to not die.

Sweetu by Talal Qureshi ft. Maanu and Hasan Raheem

The trio of TQ, Hasan Raheem, and Maanu are back with ‘Sweetu’ this time. Well, the transition of (Since Eid’s) ‘Kehti Hasan tum hou toxic’ to ‘kehti sab se sweet hun’ went smooth. The music video is shot in Passu-Hunza and has all the trippy feel to it. And the song gets groovier as it proceeds. The slow dance gets all the credits along with Talal’s music.

Sweetu lyrics – Talal Qureshi, Hasan Raheem, Maanu

Mein chaahay bina bhi yun jeet jaon,
Zameen se uth chukay meray paon,
Lagday ne sweet meray geet,
Even jab hon badtameez,
Kaisay humble mein ab reh paon,
Kehti sab se ziada sweet hun,
Sab se ziada sweet,
Kehti baby on repeat hun,
Sab se ziada sweet hun

The Whale by Takatak

The last pick in Thursday Tunes is this band that is keeping the ‘Metal’ spirit alive in Pakistan. Hailing from Lahore, Takatak is a progressive modern heavy metal band. Deriving its name from a spicy dish of Pakistan, this band has some pretty heavy metal tunes. Produced by Umair Dar and the Takatak, the Whale is a song about running away to find the place where it all begun to turn it over.

The Whale lyrics by Takatak

I’m gonna run,
I’m gonna find a way,
To the centre of the sun,
Turn it over I’m gonna run,
To a place inside where all of this begun,
Turn it over.


So what was your favourite track from Thursday Tunes? Comment down below and share with us.