If someone says that music doesn’t touch their hearts, they are not listening to music from their hearts. Music, either good or bad tends to stay in your heart despite everything. Cover artists among the professional lot don’t get much recognition. However, music catching someone’s attention depends on the talent and also, sheer luck! Annural Khalid out of all these cover artists stole the right limelight.

Who is Annural Khalid?

Annural Khalid is a Pakistani vocalist and social media influencer/blogger. Situated in Islamabad, Pakistan, Khalid rose to fame by singing cover tunes and posting them on her Instagram page that has now over 186K+ followers.

Khalid posted her first video cover of ‘Bandya Ho’ in September 2020, the first lockdown during the Covid Pandemic. Which garnered positive attention from people, and eventually became the reason for her fame.

Annural characterizes herself as, “An art/music-driven, the aspiring designer is what I’d describe myself as. I am open to all kinds of opportunities when it comes to working, as long as they contribute to polishing my skills and ultimately impart to society in a positive way.”

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Dil De Bol by Annural Khalid and Toshi

Annural Khalid’s first original ‘Dil De Bol’ came out in February 2021 along with Toshi [DJ and Music Producer from Islamabad]. Dil De Bol is a romantic ballad with a sad twist. The song is in Punjabi and English language. The transitions of these two languages are beautifully amalgamated with Annural’s liquid gold voice. The song defines longing in love and how love is the only thing that should stay in someone’s life.

Dil De Bol by Annural Khalid and Toshi Lyrics

See I get all the lows while you live all the highs boy
Tenu ki ve pata meri akhiyan chu hanju diggi jaan
Saari saari raat
Meri vaari kehnda ay
‘tu what’s up with the mood’ and
I know it won’t matter so I try and keep my cool
Let it slide
But I don’t wanna hide

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You can listen to the song below,

Artists like Annural Khalid are making a beautiful and positive impact with their talent and adding value to the Pakistani music industry’s massive boom!

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