Finally, after a long break, the boy band culture is reviving in Pakistan. We see quality musicians and bands forming and creating great music altogether, depicting a soft image of Pakistan. And that’s not all, these bands are reaching neighboring countries too and getting a massive appraisal from them too. Auj is one of them. The band was the winner of Pepsi Battle of Bands season 4 and it is completely justified. The rock-metal-inspired band with a different classical touch to the vocals sets this band to another level.

Auj the band

Started around 2008-2009, the band was a little different. It was named ‘Shabi’ – Parchaayi and the band members were different too. Started off as a cover rock/metal-inspired band they focused on bands like Black Sabbath, Metallica. The band after searching for the perfect vocalist became ‘Auj.’ Auj means ‘The epitome of height,’ also the limit of every feeling! Eventually ‘Lafz’ came into being becoming their first original song.

Auj Band

Auj band members

The band members include Abdul Rehman Sajid, (vocalist) Nasir Zaka, (Guitars, Backing vocals) Syed Hasnain Ali, (Bass guitars) and Muhammad Kashif. (Drums) The harmony of the band came perfectly that they decided to compete in BoB and even won the whole thing!

Auj’s different style of music makes them unique. We hardly see any band from Pakistan with a classic rock soul like them. The band started focusing on making their own music and setting their mark after winning the Battle of Bands and now they have dropped a single Nawazish, featuring Anoushay Abbasi in the video.

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Nawazish by Auj

‘Nawazish’ explores the idea of affection and disdain, and the sentiments and traumas it acquires in our lives and emotional connections. The melody is a saddening story of misfortune and victimization depicted flawlessly in a delicate rock melodic infusion by the band. Abdul Rehman’s voice added weight to the classical side of the emotion. The whole vibe is set by the percussions and the strong bass by Hasnain. Furthermore, the guitar solo in particular kicks the whole villainous mood to another level. The video features a gothic Anoushay, who plays the villain and inflicts all the damage with a malevolent grin, while her victims are devastated by her wicked charms. The music video is directed by Jalal. Whereas, Ijlal Azam magnificently proves his skills as a cinematographer.

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Nawazish by Auj Lyrics

Jane jaana,
Main kasrat se nafrat mein teri jalta phirun,
 Maine maana,
Tujhay kosoun aur phir teri dar per bhatakta phirun,
Nawazishain teri jo mera naam leyti hain teri,
kaali zubaan,
Oh jaane-jaan.

Listen to the whole song here,

The music video is beautifully directed and gorgeously amalgamates with the theme of the song. Meanwhile, the lyrics do the magic the whole band creates perfect euphony!

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