PSL7 anthem Aage Dekh is yet another groove-fest

We were not even gotten over with “Groove Mera” yet and Agay Dekh is here! Atif Aslam, Aima Baig, and Abdullah Siddiqui performed the highly anticipated anthem for the Pakistan Super League’s seventh season. The superb production of the tune, titled Agay Dekh, shines through, with Aslam giving the kind of performance one would expect from a singer of his repute after such a long time. It succeeds in getting people up and dancing, but it lacks the grandeur of an anthem, such as that found in Abdullah Siddiqui’s previous Zalmi release, Kingdom. Despite its flaws, the song excels as a pop song and possesses the aggression that Groove Mera, the previous PSL anthem, missed.

The music video Agay Dekh

The song’s video features all of the classic images of cricket fans watching a match with bated breath, celebrating victory, and packing stadiums. In a fur-lined jacket, Atif dances to the music, while Aima spins in a ring of flames. The song has received over 3 million views and is currently the second most popular video on YouTube.

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According to a PSL statement last year, the HBL PSL was robbed of its home crowd because of Covid-19 restrictions, but this year we will have fans in the stands. Furthermore, it says that the biggest sporting event in Pakistan is a festival and a celebration. And the song honors everyone who looks forward to this time of year. Moreover, it read that they wanted to express how much everyone loves cricket with ‘Agay Dekh,’ as well as capture the attitude, fierceness, and banter that comes with it.

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Groove Mera of PSL6

Last season’s anthem, Groove Mera, performed by Naseebo Lal, received a lot of flak for not living up to PSL fans’ expectations. On the other hand, social media reactions to the PSL 7 song Agay Dekh have been overwhelmingly positive. Despite this year’s anthem’s relative success, Twitter users compared it to Ali Zafar’s Ab Khel Jamay Ga.

But the truth remains the same that,

Well, here comes a relevant meme after the comparison,

While the comparison goes on, listen to the track below

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