Mera FM 107.4 x Digital Communication for YouTube

Despite the flood of music streaming services, radio may establish a niche online by cultivating a committed, active, and globally varied listener base that can eventually lead to increased revenue. However, stations have to overcome their anxiety about becoming digital and make the switch in order to stay competitive. However, FM Mera FM 107.4 is as ambitious as ever in Pakistan!

Since radio personalities are radio stars, it is said that you cannot simply ‘watch’ your favourite RJ. However, this issue is now rectified as Mera FM 107.4 becomes a Digital for YouTube. Your favourite RJs’ upbeat broadcasts can now be seen on YouTube!

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Mera FM 107.4 now on YouTube

Presenting your most favourite and recognized RJs Adeel Azhar, Sulmeen Ansari, Sahir Lodhi and Sana Humayun on YouTube with their shows from Morning to Midnight with non-stop music and talkies. Heartfelt conversations and fun calls too.

Adeel Azhar

The Sunrise Show with Adeel Azhar

Everyone is invited to enjoy the first cup of enjoyment with The Sun Rise Show with Adeel Azhar, the first indulgence of the day. Keeping the listeners positively updated with current happenings, news, views and reviews but with a touch of spicy gossip, that will give a light-hearted approach to life.

You can watch his show from Monday to Friday on Mera FM 107.4 YouTube channel.

Sulmeen Ansari

Coffee Mornings with Sulmeen Ansari

Only the incredible wit and compassion of this show surpass its exceptional proficiency. The show’s listeners will become addicted to a special blend of comforting tunes, energising hits, delectably wicked rumours, and exciting news. Only with Sulmeen Ansari.

You can watch her show from Monday to Saturday on Mera FM 107.4 YouTube channel.

Sahir Lodhi

It’s My Show with Sahir Lodhi

Demonstrating with riveting tales of change, emphasising both incremental improvements and giant strides. This show is  going to provide you a road map of every day with easy, doable suggestions for altering your outlook on life. It will focus on everything that is related to life and address issues that concern us all. Directness of style. Only in “It’s My Show.”

You can watch his show from Monday to Friday on Mera FM 107.4 YouTube channel.

Sana Humayun

Slow Jamz with Sana Humayun

The programme that sets the mood for unwinding after a long day is shown every day from Monday through Friday. Songs that will lift your spirits, puts a large smile on your face, and softly rock and roll your heart that talks about life in a mesmerising, graceful tone. This show will have everything you need to end your day!

You can watch her show from Monday to Friday on Mera FM 107.4 YouTube channel.

Mera FM 107.4 growing bigger and better digitally

Mera FM 107.4 is the only Radio broadcasting channel in Pakistan which is providing a very real experience where you not just listen to the RJ but can watch and enjoy their talkies. And in this way Radio broadcasters will have opportunity to nimbly alter, continually renew themselves, and adapt to all societal developments as a result of technological advancement and the public’s growing need for information updates.

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