The world of Wordle

It is a saying that puzzle games are for geeks. It’s not anymore. Wordle has been around for months and is now completely unavoidable, especially if you use Twitter. All those yellow, green, and grey boxes in the posts? That’s Wordle for you. But, what exactly is Wordle? We’re delighted you inquired!

What is Wordle?

Wordle is an online word game that you can play every day. It’s simple, enjoyable, and, like a crossword puzzle, can only be completed once per day. There’s a new word of the day every 24 hours, and it’s up to you to find out what it is. The rules are explained in great detail on the website:

Who created the game?

Wordle was designed by software programmer Josh Wardle for his partner, a word game aficionado, and according to the BBC, it will never be cluttered with advertisements. Wardle is most known for creating Place, a completely insane collaborative art project/social experiment that threw the internet into a frenzy in April 2017.

The New York Times purchases Wordle for seven-figure sum

The New York Times revealed on Monday that it has purchased the viral word game Wordle for an unknown seven-figure price. “It going viral doesn’t feel great, to be honest. I feel a sense of responsibility for the players. I feel I really owe it to them to keep things running and make sure everything’s working correctly,” Wardle said.

How to play wordle?

Wordle gives players six chances to predict a five-letter word that is chosen at random. If you put the proper letter in the right location, it becomes green, as illustrated above. When a proper letter is typed in the wrong place, it turns yellow. A letter that isn’t part of the word in any way appears grey.

You can enter a total of six words, which means you can use five-burner words to learn about the letters and their positions. Then you just have one chance to use those hints. Alternatively, you can aim for speed by guessing the word of the day in three, two, or even one go.

It’s all very simple, yet it’s also quite appealing.

It’s just a word game, after all. But it’s hugely popular: according to The New York Times, over 300,000 people play it every day. That popularity may appear perplexing, but there are a few minor details that have caused everyone to go insane over it.

Because there is just one problem per day, the stakes are raised. At Wordle, you only get one chance. You’ll have to wait till tomorrow to acquire a new puzzle if you make a mistake.

Everyone is working on the same puzzle: This is important since it makes it easy to ping your friend and talk about the puzzle for the day. “Today was a challenge!” “How did things go for you?” “Did you get it?” says the narrator. This brings us to the next point…

It’s simple to share your findings: You’re asked to share your Wordle adventure for the day once you’ve completed the puzzle for the day, whether successfully or badly. It looks like this if you tweet the image…

It’s worth noting that the term and letters you choose are hidden. Your path to the word is depicted in a series of yellow, green, and grey boxes.

It’s incredibly engrossing. If you get it quickly, perhaps on your second or third try, there is a gloating element in which you must demonstrate to your fans how smart you are and share.

It’s also a cool story if you get it by the skin of your teeth in the sixth attempt. But, most significantly, the solution to the riddle isn’t revealed.

Hints and tricks of Wordle

Wordle is more than a word game; it’s also a conversation starter and a way to brag on social media. That’s why it’s become so popular. If you’re a word game genie, you might want to skip the following advice and trust your gut feelings totally. If you’re tired of seeing grey boxes, here are some suggestions you might find useful.

Choosing your first word is as follows: The first word is, without a doubt, the most crucial. Choose a word with three vowels and five separate letters to maximize the value of your opening gambit.

Avoid reusing greys: At the bottom of the Wordle board, there’s a keyboard that shows which letters are green, yellow, and grey. Reusing letters that have turned grey is not a good idea. Yes, this appears to be self-evident. However, coming up with five-letter words that don’t use letters you’ve already tried can take some time and effort. That work will be rewarded.

Letters can appear more than once: This makes things more difficult, especially when you’re out of letters and need to try word four or five. However, letters frequently reoccur, as evidenced by the fact that words like cool, sissy, and ferry were once accurate responses.

Meme world with worldle

Well, with the growing popularity, the game also created some memes! let’s have a look at some of them,

Someone tweets,

Triscuits brand posts,

Another user posts,

So have you tried your Wordle of the day?

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