WhatsApp allows 1024 group member limit

WhatsApp has increased the maximum number of members allowed in a group chat to 1,024, after adding the option for “Call Links”-invite links for joining in-app calls-as a feature late last month.

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For the second time this year, WhatsApp has raised the limit on group chat members. The limit was raised to 512 members in May after being set at 256 since 2016.

WhatsApp communities feature

Increasing the total number of users permitted in a group is most likely a move to improve the recently introduced Communities feature. Which allows multiple groups to be added under a single Community umbrella.

With each Community allowing up to 21 groups. The WhatsApp FAQ page says up to 50, which was not the case in our testing. The new group cap should allow for up to 20,480 members in the first 20 groups. Plus an additional 5,000 in the announcement group. The previous 512 limit would have only allowed for 10,240 members in the first 20 groups. And an additional 5,000 in the announcement group.

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The increased group chat member limit comes on the heels of a slew of updates and new features added to the messaging app this year, including emoji reactions, the ability to hide the “Last Seen” status for specific contacts, enhanced group voice calls, and an updated native Windows client.

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