Women of steel!

Women are never on someone’s side. These women are usually on the front lines when it comes to serving Pakistan. It doesn’t matter if it’s the army, navy, or air force. Sub Lt. Atiya Zeeshan, Marium Mukhtar, and Nigar Johar are just a few names that come to mind, but now we can proudly add Sub Lt. Fatima Changezi to the list, as she sparkles with pride for Pakistan!

Fatima Changezi

Hailing from a little town in Gilgit Baltista Fatima grew up with high hopes and ambitions to make it big in psychology. She began hiding in her closet to read novels when she was only 13 years old, and she quickly understood that her interests were unlike those of the majority of the females, and she faced a long road of struggle ahead of her.

Expectations in society

She had to overcome all hurdles to complete her study while her sisters were getting married without a college diploma. She was pelted with cultural expectations for not thinking marriage to be her primary purpose in life. However, she knew that in the middle of all this chaos she had one person who had her back to push her towards her goals, her father “Baba” (Rehmat Ali Changezi).
She was accepted into one of the best psychology programs in the country and became the family’s first female graduate. She never looked back after that.

Fatima Changezi serving in Pakistan Navy

Fatima Changezi is now a Sub-Lieutenant officer in the Pakistan Navy. Changezi recently obtained her rank as a result of finishing the 23rd Short Service Commission. Logistics, medical, pharmacy, information technology, law, public relations, and education are just a few of the services available. She has won numerous other honors, including a Gold Medal in Sports for her outstanding performance during the training period.

Fatima’s father died a month before she was accepted into the Navy academy, and she says, “I know he would be proud of me.”

Fatima, the entire country of Pakistan is proud of you!

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