The only sport Pakistani ‘awam’ usually takes interest in is Cricket. It sometimes even feels like the national game of Pakistan. But the need to get recognition and funds for other sports is real. Hajra Khan is one of those names who are breaking many stereotypes with her sheer brilliance and amazing game, that too in Football. Today, it’s all about Hajra Khan.

Hajra Khan

Born in 1993, Hajra Khan is a Pakistani Footballer who is also the captain of the Pakistani women’s national football team. She plays as a striker and a midfielder. Khan started playing for the national team in 2009 and led as a captain in 2014.

Since the beginning, Khan’s dream was to turn into a professional athlete however not a footballer. She was found by Diya W.F.C. mentor Sadia Sheikh when she was searching for a provincial team. Khan then debuted at age 14 and scored nine goals in three games for DWFC, which won her the Top Scorer of the competitive grant.

Domestic and International football career – Hajra Khan

In January 2014, she chose to leave Diya and join Balochistan United. Khan won the Pakistani ladies football title with Balochistan United in 2014, scoring the only goal against previous club Diya in the final. She then, at that point acknowledged a proposal to play for Maldivian club Sun Hotels and Resorts FC in the FAM Women’s Football Championship.

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In summer 2015, Khan went through a month in Germany and went to pre-season preliminaries with four clubs. Hajra couldn’t acknowledge a transfer offer from MSV Duisburg because of visa issues. She then became the only Pakistani player to score 100 goals in her club career. Furthermore, she joined Sun Hotels and Resorts Maldives club on 24 May 2015. Hajra right now plays for Pakistan Army.

World Records of footballer Hajra Khan

Hajra Khan is internationally acclaimed for being a rising athlete as she’s played for Equal Playing Field to explore new horizons and smash records for female athletes.

Furthermore, Khan managed to set the world record for playing in a football match at the lowest altitude in the history of the game at the Dead Sea in Jordan.

Hajra Khan Pakistani Footballer

Moreover, this was not the end to Hajra’s success story though as she went on to set two more world records the same year 2019 in Lyon, France. She participated in the world’s longest football match which lasted for three and a half hours consecutively where she managed to score 4 goals by herself.

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No one rejects that the footballer fills in as a good example for different women throughout the globe. The women, who desire to resist the shackles of male-controlled society with expectations of seeking after their fantasies. Way to go, Hajra!