The shifting world dynamics post coronavirus

The entire world has changed in numerous ways since the monster of coronavirus extended its roots globally. Everyone feels imprisoned in a never-ending cycle of lockdowns, fearful of running out of basic needs, shopping goods, and, most importantly, food! However, it is obvious that delivery riders have played a significant part in making life simpler in the last year of limited travel owing to present health condition constraints. People living in their houses were able to acquire basics and have their desires brought to them in the safety and comfort of their homes thanks to their assistance.

An empowering soul of Foodpanda

Despite the dangers and difficulties, delivery riders persevered—all for the sake of delivering to people. Ayesha Memon, a rising star among those individuals, defied all obstacles to become a Foodpanda rider who confidently distributes meals all over the city.

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The Foodpanda Rider Ayesha Memon

Ayesha Memon, a Karachi native, is from a lower socioeconomic level. Her tenacity, on the other hand, defies all odds. She works as a rider for the Foodpanda food delivery service. For the past few months, she and her father, Muhammad Iqbal, have been working together. She was lucky enough to meet one of the Foodpanda helpers, who brought her to the office and eventually become a member of their team. Her father is assisting her with this because she does not yet know how to ride a bike.

Ayesha is delivering the meal as her father is riding his motorcycle. Everyone loves what Ayesha is doing and encourages her that there is nothing a woman can’t accomplish in this culture, she says.

Her father, a banker, was concerned about her safety. However, he is unable to work owing to an injury to his arm. He agreed to let Ayesha deliver meals on the condition that he would help her during working hours. Because Ayesha is his only child.

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Hope and optimism from Ayesha Memon

Like Muhammad Iqbal’s kid, Ayesha wants to support and feed his family as well as her own child. She currently gets 40 to 50 rupees every ride and 4 to 5 thousand rupees per week. This may appear to be less, but Ayesha is optimistic about her future and her ability to support her family through difficult times.

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