Differently-abled, not disabled!

History has witnessed some of the most outstanding achievements by men and women in due course of time. However, the achievement is even more appreciated if has been addressed with an apparent physical disability. It takes courage for any ordinary man or woman to achieve a feat like success when he lacks at something; it simply requires a passion for a person with a disability to level the fame.

Among them is a woman named Zahra Yaqoob, who, despite her disability, has become an inspiration to anyone who believes that life with a disability is difficult.

Zahra Yaqoob

Zahra Yaqoob, a 23-year-old influencer from Lahore, gives beauty advice on Instagram. The medical issues that this lovely young lady do not stop her from shining brightly like a gem.

When Yaqoob was born, the bones in her legs were broken. Her first days of life were filled with suffering and pain. Doctors told her mother that her bones were weak and that she wouldn’t live long. Yaqoob’s mental development matched her age, but her physical development did not.

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What disease Zahra Yaqoob has?

Yaqoob suffers from an incurable hereditary illness. The bones of a patient with the brittle bone disease are so fragile that they do not grow and can break with only a little strain. Despite her weak bones, she was able to adjust to life. Yaqoob is a wheelchair user who is unable to walk.

Her resilience, courage, strength, and never-giving-up attitude are what empowers us as women. Zahra is an example of never giving up on anything and do whatever your heart says.

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