Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova is the first woman to reach to the outer space in 1963. And since 1963 plenty of women reached the outer space and working for space and NASA. But being a part of a Pakistani society where women are disregarded on many ground and every related field. Wanting a career other than doctor and an engineer is brow-raising. Imagine a girl wants to be an astronaut in Pakistan, or wants to make a career out of it. Sounds bizarre right? But a young girl in her 20s, Yumna Majeed is one of those women.

Yumna Majeed

Majeed is a space instructor and an enthusiast, the National point of contact in Pakistan for the Space Generation Advisory Council, and the originator of Exploration by Yumna – an instructive educational venture where she goes to instructive establishments to empower and mentor youngsters about space and being space travelers.

Yumna Majeed

Yumna is likewise the public effort organizer for various space associations, including Space Generation Advisory Council and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. Majeed likewise collaborates with Space for Art Foundation, where compositions made by pediatric patients and school kids are shown all throughout the planet and surprisingly shipped off space.


Yumna Majeed – The space dreamer

Having a dream of making astronomy viral in Pakistan, Yumna started as young. While everyone was making their own goals and ambitions she was dreaming high. Yumna was discouraged as a kid when she shared her ambition. Children sneered and teachers thought of her dream as a kid-joke. But she never backed out. She in fact stood up against all odds and now owns her own telescope and immense space knowledge alongside her.

Exploration by Yumna Majeed

While she was formally studying Medical Laboratory Technology from Allama Iqbal Medical University, she started her space awareness campaign in 2016. With time she became a student ambassador and freelance volunteer for different space education organizations. It was not a proper job but as an ambassador Yumna reported her outreach sessions to them. That’s where ‘Exploration’ came into being and it’s the Pakistani satellite of all those international organizations that she is coordinating on national level for. One of her partners is ‘Space for Art Foundation’ which is US based [organization]. They exhibit paint with pediatric patients and school kids around the world and sometimes send it to International Space Station as well.

The challenges

The journey for Yumna Majeed was not easy. It wasn’t easy for her to be able to go out at night for her explorations. She laments that everyday media highlights sad incidents which make every family extremely worried. Due to permission issues, she stayed in the city.

Yumna has never given up on her dreams and her policy states that her professional attitude and improvisation are the key to her success!


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