World, under a thinker’s perspective!

We all admire the world’s natural philosophers. They have the most innovative ideas, make the most informed decisions, are open-minded, and never make rash decisions.

Is there something they’re aware of that the rest of us are unaware of? Is it something that we can all pick up on? Yes, it’s a resounding yes. They are aware of The Thinking Rules.

These Rules are the guiding principles that show you how to make wiser decisions, stop procrastinating, know when to compromise, avoid mistakes, find other options, think well with others, stop obsessing about things, keep your brain active, be more creative, and have happy healthy thoughts.  You’ll be that person who knows their own mind – in every sense.

Richard Templar

Richard Templar is the internationally bestselling author of the Rules series. His book Rules have been loved by almost 2 million individuals around the world, and they are presently being played by them. The following is a complete list of titles: The Rules of Life, The Rules of Work, The Rules of Management, The Rules of Wealth, The Rules of Parenting, The Rules of Love, and The Rules to Break are just a few of the best-selling titles.

Richard Templar

Book Review: The Rules of Thinking by Richard Templar

The Rules of Thinking by Richard Templar is a personal code to think yourself smarter, wiser, and happier.

Underpromise and overdeliver!

Templar begins by laying out his ground principles, which include things like volunteer carefully, get your effort known, carve out a niche, under-promise, and overdeliver. You don’t want to volunteer for everything else because then you won’t have time to complete your main job, and you want your work to be noticed since it’ll be very soul-shattering if it isn’t. Carve out a specialty I think it’s a good idea to be known for something that your team can rely on and that you can become an expert in, whether it’s writing, designing, or understanding in a specific sector, it’s excellent to have a specialty. 

Certainty to uncertainty!

Furthermore, The Rules of Thinking goes on that you may have bad days but not show them, that you can have a personal life but not bring it to work, and that you can have a home life but not bring it to work. You can have a personality and be yourself, but you must ensure that you move, talk, and think in a certain manner. There is a rule about how to walk properly and how you should go about doing it. This is where I believe my faith in the book and theory began to shake a little. I believe it is a stretch to believe that there is a specific way to think, speak, walk, and breathe. There is something that allows us to be ourselves without having to think about every single action.

Our Verdict!

Overall, The Rules of Thinking was a one-time read! It did include some positive and excellent advice, such as not speaking poorly of others, being polite, and being attractive at work, all of which are realistic to some extent. I can’t help but assume that as the game progressed, he became bored and out of ideas, so he started throwing in some very strange rules. When the majority of the regulations revolve around how to climb the corporate ladder, phrases like ‘everyone can be wealthy if they apply themselves and ‘relax’ sound a little incongruous. And how to make sure you dress appropriately, look appropriately, and smell appropriate, all of which appear to be the polar opposite of being calm. This is a recurring motif throughout the book.

Rating: 5.5/10


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