Heartfelt stories are frequently depicted in the Pakistani drama industry. Saraab, which weaves its way through all of these tragedies, captures many people’s hearts since it addresses an issue that is rarely tackled in our country. Schizophrenia! Saraab not only touches on the storyline around it but also portrays it in a stunning manner.

Saraab cast

The Mohsin Talat’s directorial Saraab casts Sonya Hussain and Sami Khan, stars of Ishq Zeh e Naseeb. Furthermore, the antagonists of Kahin Deep Jalay, Nazish Jahangir and appear in the drama along with Ghana Ali as supporting characters who wowed us with their performances. Edison Idrees penned down the beautiful storyline.

Saraab OST

Saraab’s OST is a lovely story of love with a hurt. The music features vocals by Fiza Baig and Naveed Nashad, as well as lyrics by Qamar Nashad.

Saraab Storyline

Saraab, unlike other plays, is entirely focused on mental health. The drama opens with a dreamlike image of Hooriya (Sonya Hussyn) standing in a scenic splendor of a mountainous region near a fall, then her eyes open, and she realizes she is having a lovely dream. Then she notices a lovely rose near her pillow, grins, and begins to play with it before placing it in her coursebook, only to discover that the rose is nowhere to be seen! It was all in her head! a deception!

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In illusions and imaginations

Hooriya’s cousin (Sami Khan) is infatuated with her, and Hooriya adores him as well. She has built a deeper relationship with him in her imaginary world and illusions, which he is unaware of in reality. When he sees her in the morning, she informs him that he has been with her all night and begs him to go before her sister or mother notices him with her. Her cousin was perplexed as to what Hooriya was referring to.

The delusion and peeri faqeeri

Hooriya’s mother appears to be a typical mother with grudges towards Hooriya’s cousin’s family, who also happens to be her sister-in-law. Hooriya’s sister Namal likes her cousin, but she suspects he is interested in Hooriya. When Hooriya is having an intense love discussion with her cousin on the phone and sees her father, she abruptly puts down the phone, but her father becomes concerned since he knows their phone is not functioning, and when he checks it, it is still out of order. Her delusion is all that passionate romantic conversation!

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The cultural flux of superstitions

Sonya Hussyn has given an outstanding performance. When her father expresses his concern about his daughter to his wife, she informs him that she knows a Peer who can treat her daughter’s ailment with his spiritual abilities. People in our portion of the world frequently misunderstand mental health and associate it with magic or the influence of Jinns.

The message behind Saraab drama

It conveyed a much-needed and significant message to the public, raising awareness about mental illness and how we should deal with it. The expected scenario would have seen Hoorain’s in-laws opposing Asfand’s decision to marry her or have her treated, but Saraab delightfully surprised us with a compelling tale. Her in-laws loved Hoorain like a daughter and she never had any problems when they married; in fact, she was better off with them than with her own parents.

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Instead of putting people away, the play emphasized the necessity of treating schizophrenia with medical attention and providing the patients with the highest compassion and care.

Sonya Hussain’s acting in Saraab

With her performance as Hoorain, Sonya Hussayn once again proved her mettle; her nervous breakdowns and chaotic moments in which she was literally dragging herself across the floor were spine-chilling and gave us chills every time. Her seamless shift between the two realms in which she lives was flawless. Sonya proved herself to be the queen of emotions time and time again, from her lovely looks as Hoorain to her frightening changes when she had her hallucinations!

Where can I watch Saraab drama?

You can watch the drama on HumTV’s official YouTube channel.

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