Young leaders of Pakistan are now garnering much attention through their exceptional skills and their contributions to Pakistani society. Among leaders like Ayesha Sheikh – the youngest recipient of Diana Awards – who is working on gender-based education programs and empowering women through it, Izat Ullah is a shiny beacon of hope for the people of Balochistan.

Izat Ullah Khaksar

Hailing from Quetta Balochistan, Izat Ullah is a student of Mass Communications from the University of Peshawar. He is among the eight people who won the Diana Awards 2021. The Diana Awards program started in 1999 and it has been awarded to almost 49000 students and young leaders for their exceptional work and contributions to society. Izat Ullah is the first and only one to have won this prestigious title in his state, Quetta Balochistan.

Izat Ullah

Chirag Educational Welfare Society by Izat Ullah  

Izat Ullah founded ‘Chirag Educational Welfare Society’ in February 2017 and has been working for education for over five years. Over 3000 students have gotten their education completed under his welfare society. Currently under his society Izat is successfully running his project “Back to School” where over 200 Afghan refugees are enrolled.

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Corona Hygiene program by Izat Ullah

Furthermore, during the pandemic, he distributed corona hygiene kits to more than 5000 students in 30 schools. He also installed handwashing kits in those schools. Moreover, under the campaign ‘Corona ka Muqabla’ he raised awareness among students.

Every Home Classroom Campaign

Specifically for education, Izat started the campaign ‘Every home classroom campaign’ which worked solely on the purpose to ensure quality education and regular classes being administered in every home with up-to-date stationery.

For the last four years, Izat has helped to provide quality education for school children in Balochistan. He has directly supported over 5,000 young people as a career counselor. He has also devised and developed multiple youth-focused campaigns during the pandemic. These range from ‘Every Home Classroom’ to connect children to education whilst at home, to ‘Coping with Corona’ to raise awareness about staying safe.

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In addition to these achievements, Izat has volunteered with a range of organizations in Pakistan. Moreover, he demonstrated great integrity across multiple leadership roles. He also sets a unique example through his efforts to provide equal opportunity for education to young people.

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