Joyland teaser is out!

The much-anticipated, Cannes-winning film Joyland has finally released its teaser. It teases the joy and tragedy that will unfold in the Saim Sadiq-directed film that has made waves around the world.

The teaser

The 45-second clip of the evidently multi-dimensional film presents an array of colours and diversity in a society painted in dull grey and oftentimes, shades of dreary red when represented in films globally. It shows the world a side of the country that is rarely seen, rarely discussed, and almost always villainized. The storyline depicts the narrative of the youngest son in a patriarchal family who is expected to have a boy with his bride. And it is a tale of the sexual revolution. Instead, he joins an exotic dancing company and develops feelings for the trans woman who runs it.

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A man in love, a woman in the wilderness, a family partying in a large, fragile bubble that is likely to break, and a transwoman covered in blood are all depicted in the teaser. The teaser then gives viewers a preview of the performance that is about to start as they wait to be mesmerised by dance, misery, and dreams that vanish in a puff of glitter and smoke.

When Joyland is releasing?

On November 18, Joyland is scheduled for release in Pakistani theatres. It originally gained attention when it won the Cannes LGBTQ Palm prize for best LGBT, queer, or feminist-themed film. It contains a daring portrait of a transgender dancer in a Muslim country.

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Joyland is also Pakistan’s legitimate Oscar entry. Ali Junejo, Rasti Farooq, Alina Khan, and Sarwat Gilani are the stars of Joyland.

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