Pakistan’s Defence Day

On Monday, the Pakistani people paid an appropriate homage to the country’s armed men, who gave their lives for the homeland, by commemorating Defence Day with traditional zeal.

Pakistan Defence Day history!

Being one of the largest militaries, Pakistan commemorates the sacrifices made by Pakistani soldiers in protecting the country’s boundaries on Defence Day. It is observed as a national holiday. On September 6, 1965, Indian forces crossed the international border into Pakistani Punjab to start an offensive in retaliation. This happened in Pakistan’s Operation Grand Slam. The Indian forces targeted Jammu. While it is officially remembered as an unprovoked surprise attack by India that was defeated by the Pakistan Army. Despite its smaller size and less weaponry.

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The context of the War of 1965

The 1965 Indo-Pakistani War began with Pakistan deploying 7,000–8,000 soldiers into Kashmir dressed as locals. With the goal of encouraging the populace to revolt against India. However, due to a lack of coordination, the plot failed from the start. The infiltrators’ existence was quickly revealed to the Indian troops by local Kashmiris. On the 1st of September, it launched Operation Grand Slam, a tank offensive against the Akhnoor bridge in the Jammu Division. It was supposed to be a “quick and painless, done-for-you procedure.”

On 6 September, according to its “pre-declared strategy” of riposte, the Indian Army crossed the international border in Punjab. With the objective of cutting off the Grand Trunk Road near Lahore. The attack came as a complete surprise to the Pakistani commanders. According to Air Marshal Nur Khan, the Army Chief General Musa Khan told the President on the second day of the war that the Army had run out of ammunition. He states that the Army suffered heavy losses in the war. On 23 September, Pakistan accepted an UN-mandated ceasefire.

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Why do we celebrate Defence Day?

Defence Day is also a day to reaffirm our commitment to being a strong, proud country where no foreign force, no matter how powerful, can intimidate us.

Moreover, all of this, and much more, the warriors reflected the zeal and love for the nation. It further symbolizes Pakistan’s magnificent nation’s fighting spirit, bravery, and tactical prowess. And Defence Day is a time to commemorate and celebrate all of this so that we can remain strong and convey the appropriate message to the country’s young and children.

Parades on Defence Day 6th September

On Defence Day, a multitude of military parades and festivities commemorate around the country. Military parades often display the most recent developments and breakthroughs in contemporary tactics. Not this, but the Pakistan army also tests weapons and launches weaponry this day.

Furthermore, the apparent goal of these events is to honor our veterans and demonstrate our military might. Our television stations and social media platforms are also contributing to this aim.

Last but not least, SAMAA FM also pays tribute to all the martyrs of our country who received shahada on 6th September.

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