Imran Khan under hot waters, again!

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has drawn intense criticism after he stressed that a rise in sexual assault cases in the country is linked to how women dress.

Axios on HBO with Imran Khan

In an interview with “Axios on HBO,” Prime Minister said, “If a woman is wearing very few clothes, it will have an impact on the men unless they are robots. It’s just common sense.”

The host Jonathan Swan adds in the question, “But is it really going to provoke acts of sexual violence?” Maintaining his stance, Khan elaborates, “It depends on which society you live in.” Furthermore, he added, “If in a society people haven’t seen that sort of thing, it will have an impact [on them]. If you grow up in a society like you, it won’t on you. This cultural imperialism… Whatever is in our culture must be acceptable to everyone else.”

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Twitter is not happy!

His flawed and inappropriate statement has caused a stir on social media. Twitter is divided and the Prime Minister is facing immense backlash.

Columnist Nidhi Razdan wrote on Twitter, “Appalling comments by Pakistan’s Prime Minister @ImranKhanPTI where he blames women for rape because of how they dress. Shame.”

Another user wrote, “If I rob a bank, it’s the bank’s fault for flaunting that it had money. Amirite? @ImranKhanPTI

Moreover, another user tweets,

Furthermore, TV Host and mimicker of Imran Khan Syed Shafaat tweets,

Meesha Shafi tweets, “To matlab bachay bhi aurton ke kapron kee wajah se rape ho rahay hain?”

Ammar Ali Jan tweets, “Only 3 days after a child was raped by a cleric, Imran Khan chooses to blame “few clothes” worn by women for rape culture.”

People are now comparing robots with men, as our PM said,


Whereas, some people defends the Prime Minister as,

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