The fight has taken a turn as Education Minister Shafqat Mehmood is trending on Twitter. Students are requesting and [literally begging] for him to cancel the exams. Moreover. singer Asim Azhar has jumped into the bandwagon in favor of the students.

Asim Azhar expressing his solidarity

Asim Azhar expressed his solidarity for the suffering students who are demanding the government to cancel the annual examination because of the pandemic.

Also, he tweeted for the students under the hashtag #ExamsCancelHoga and hoped that best solution will come out for the students.

He wrote, “I understand your stress & pain guys. Agar abhi music nahi kar raha hota tou mai bhi ro raha hota exams ko leke iss waqt.. so I understand. Furthermore, he said “And I am sure @Shafqatmehmood will stand with the youth & find the best solution possible. Insha Allah.”

Following this, a series of tweets started surfacing over Twitter, where students are taking humor as a coping mechanism.


Well, this seems like a good hope for the students.

NCOC and Shafqat Mehmood announce schools closed till Eid

Students taking to Twitter and sharing their humorous tweets show, they truly would like to be stress-free. Since as per a new decision by NCOC on Tuesday. The press conference reports that schools are closed off till Eid specifically for class 1 to 8, on account of expanding instances of Coronavirus. Shafqat Mehmood chaired the NCOC meeting and decided on the closure of schools. Additionally, he addressed and talked in a press conference that the students from class ninth till O/A levels will follow the SOPs and their exams will be taken accordingly.

Furthermore, the decision will occur on 28th April 2021, as indicated by the circumstance.

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