If anything which is growing on a massive scale in Pakistan is the acceptance of the fact that people are loving multiple musical genres and a lot of them include Progressive Rock, Metal, Alternative Metal, Western Classical, and Fusion. From Takatak to Aam Taateel, from Bayaan to Auj and Kashmir, talent is reaching the ends of cultural bounds. Among those bands, we found Black Hour. A band that spoke volumes through its music and vocals!

Black Hour Band

Hailing from Islamabad, Black Hour is a progressive rock, a heavy metal band founded in 2007. It was first founded by guitarist Hashim Mehmood. After a few lineups changes the band stayed with 4 members for more than a decade.

The band members consist of sibling duo Hashim Mehmood (guitarist) and Daim Mehmood (drummer), along with Salman Afzal (bassist), and Tayyab Rehman (vocalist).

Black Hour band

With Tayyab finally becoming the active vocalist for the band in 2008 the band introduced itself and prompted to perform in the local metal circle and garnering attention in Pakistan.

Black Hour Albums

Black Hour released their first Album in 2011 by Yourlabel Records in the United States of America and by Afterwind Records in Pakistan. The album sold more than 10,000 copies worldwide and helped the band acquire recognition both locally and universally.

Furthermore, their second album Sins Remain – released in 2015 – was critically acclaimed from multiple forums and got international recognition worldwide. Black Hour’s music inspiration comes from bands like Guns N’ Roses, Mettalica, Porcupine Tree, Iron Maiden, and Black Sabbath shows the amount of versatility they can bring into the industry.

Surpassing versatility

Finally, after releasing two English albums Black Hour focused their medium shift from English to Urdu and released ‘Woh Jahan’ considering the acceptance of metal and prog. rock genre in Pakistan, moreover the emerging band culture in Pakistan. With two music videos consists of ‘Aik Nayi Subha’ and ‘Husn-e-Haqiqi,’ Black Hour brought a range of emotions and brilliance to the Pakistani music industry.

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Aik Nayi Subh by Black Hour

The band also performed their single Aik Nayi Subh – originally written by Ibn-e-Insha – in Battle of Bands along with their language single ‘Daulat.’ Both the songs got immense love and appreciation from netizens and audience. The poetry of Aik Nayi Subh by Ibn-e-Insha is strong and performed by the band with grace and power.

Aik Nayi Subh lyrics

Khudko hum is shehar mein rusva na kerenge
Ab tak jo hua kheyr ab aesa na kerenge

Ta subh shabbe mah mein jaga na kerenge
Har morr pe thitken ge na, deewano ki soorat
Har darr pe tujhe ja ke pukara na kerenge

You can listen to the track here,

The band is fresh, already harmonized, and extremely melodic, waiting for the pandemic to get over so we all can resume back to the concert culture! Till then ROCK ON, BH!

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