Coke Studio season 14 raising music standards high

I hadn’t even gotten over listening to Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal’s ‘Tu Jhoom’ when I was blown away and filled with pride by Kaifi Khalil, Eva B, and Abdul Wahab Bugti Kana Yaari for all the amazing reasons.

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Kana Yaari by Kaifi Khalil, Eva B, Abdul Wahab Bugti

Because I adore Xulfi, I knew the moment I listened to Laari Chooti that he had the capacity to create a masterpiece, and I am grateful that I am alive to experience it. He has established a standard of introducing TALENT and only TALENT since the Nescafe Basement!

Kana Yaari was released in the second episode of Coke Studio season 14 with a loud bang. Kaifi Khalil, a young Balochi singer and composer from Karachi, Pakistan, composed this song. He is also one of the song’s writers. Furthermore, it has Eva B’s superb, crisp rapping, which provided a vibe-y element to the entire song. Furthermore, Bugti’s beautiful folk-lore voice complements the duo’s modern touch. “Tum ye samjho yahan ishq ka masla chal raha hai,” the Urdu lyrics loosely recount the narrative of love.

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Kana Yaari lyrics translation

Ishq faqeerani, (love is of god-fearing)
peer oo muridani, (love is of spiritual leader and followers)
Ishq e waliyani, (love is of saints)
rohdaye khalilani (love is of god’s friends)

Ishq e pirrakay marcha ,tafta ravaani (go and learn about actual love
Hum malao mah ganja kaasi, hassti bezayni
(there were hammal and mahganj, go read about them)
Ishqa nooru watarba, misri xhamani (love is better than those emerald eyes)
Naabi ishqhe chu key eytou, kotau oo pilani
(love is not what you and such and such had)

Kana Yaari gadaari (you fall in love and then cheat)
Ishq e naamigaar eda (you are dishonoring love
) x2

The grandiose and colourful sets

Let’s talk about the sets. In the first episode, Tu Jhoom had a gorgeous, majestic Sufi performance that provided a soulful atmosphere with dancers twirling accompanying the vocals. And with Kana Yaari, everything is bright and energetic. Despite the fact that the song is about betrayal, it is fantastic for art. Furthermore, it is about failed relationships. The melody, on the other hand, imparted a fascinating atmosphere to the song! Kaifi and Eva B are able to keep the style consistent throughout.

Creating a different world of cultures

Kana Yaari’s cast of personalities highlights an intriguing aspect of Coke Studio: it’s a place where opposites collide. It becomes a cooperative effort to create a world for them. The sombre theme of the song is shifted by video director Jamal Rahman, who honors it with a cheerful ending with the last chord. The artists move around an internal environment in his video, deconstructing brilliantly colored walls as though removing their own unseen barriers. The song is about betrayal, but we see the joy in the video. This time, Zahra Aamer and Sherry Khattak show their mettle on a grand stage.

Listen to the song here:

We extend our gratitude to the entire Coke Studio Think Tank (which includes Murtaza Niaz, Abdullah Siddiqui, Natasha Noorani, Adnan Dhool, and Sherry Khattak) for saving us from a dreadful couple of years!

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