The cultural-defying music of Pakistan!

Music is one of the most culturally infused features in Pakistan. The last decade has become the era of ‘underground artists.’ Rehman Afshar, aka Maanu is one of those artists who flies solo under the radar with his funky beats and divergent lyrics. People in Lahore also know him by ‘Yain city or yain.’ The tribute song he released for Lahore last year.

Pakistan is particularly being blessed with progressive artists, either as a band or a solo being. Quality music is being produced and eventhough some of these tracks do not get a chance to come up to the hype they deserve, but still manage to catch the attention of those who appreciate good music and has RnB and EDM in their souls.

Melancholic by Maanu aka Rehman Afshar

A blend of Pop, R&B, and EDM in one song, Melancholic is one gorgeous track. It is a complete post-breakup track. And portrays what comes from the heart directly! The song communicates perfectly. Melancholic is written, composed by Maanu himself, and mastered by Adeel Tahir.

Lyrics – Melancholic by Maanu

Melancholic Sa hai ye sama mein kahoon kya
Gin and tonic
Pe hun mein ab kab se yun zinda
Haan jab se dekhein teri aankhein
Tab se hun mein teri raahon ka deewana
I don’t have words
But I do know ke yun haulay haulay
Aagay barh raha hai in dou dillon ka fasaana
Kyun dar jata hun jab hun tujh se door?
Even though I try to play it cool
Tu hi deti hai iss dil ko sakoon

The music video

Melancholic’s music video is a visual treat. Directed by Muhammad Shah and Abdul-Rehman Malik, the vintage 4:3 frame ratio features the artist (Maanu himself) sitting on a couch singing the lyrics with a numb single dazed face. The people around him seem to be partying and enjoying life as they could. But since the lyrics suggest a breakup and the melancholy attached to it proves it. This song becomes sadder. Everything stops for him as he has lost himself. The scenes shot on the Lahore Metro are simply gorgeous and gloomy.

When the chorus hits the song intensifies and depicts the feeling of hopelessness, anxiety and the electronic music sure hits the notes perfectly with a constant groove until it fades with percussion tabla-like beats.

Listen to the song here,

Currently, Maanu is venturing and collaborating with many artists like Hasan Raheem, Talal Qureshi, and Abdullah Qureshi. And making his own music and performing on many platforms including Lahore Music Meet.

Keep rocking Maanu!