Coke Studio season 14 going strong

Season 14 of Coke Studio is still going strong, with the show now on its tenth song. Beparwah by Momina Mustehsan has received a lot of positive feedback, and while it may not go on to become a massive smash like ‘Pasoori’ or ‘Tu Jhoom,’ based on the mixed reviews it has received online, the song has its own unique and distinctive style.

Beparwah by Momina Mustehsan

After ‘Sajan Das Na’ with Atif Aslam, Mustehsan’s second song in season 14 is ‘Beparwah.’ The song is written by Adnan Dhool and Rabi Ahmed of Soch the Band. It is produced by Xulfi and Action Zain and released on YouTube on March 7.

The song is an “intimate discourse,” according to Coke Studio, in which a higher power is called upon in a time of difficulty.

Coke Studio 14 aesthetics

I could go on and on with Coke Studio 14’s aesthetics. It’s the most visually stunning thing that’s ever happened to our industry. EVERYONE WHO IS INVOLVED IN MAKING THE COKE STUDIO APPEALING AND PRETTY, YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!

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The musical arrangement at its finest

By far the most important aspect of this season is the musical arrangement. It is beyond beauty, whether it is Abdullah Siddiqui or ActionZain, Sherry Khattak or Adnan Dhool, or the maestro Xulfi himself! ActionZain and Xulfi wowed with their music production for Beparwah, which perfectly complemented the song’s melancholy tone. Adnan Dhool and Rabi Ahmed’s composition deserves a lot of credit.

The song and the lyrics

The song Beparwah by Momina Mustehsan is written by Adnan Dhool, Momina Mustehsan, and Xulfi, was well-suited to the overall concept of the show. Momina’s monotonous singing style, on the other hand, falls flat with the audience. We thought experimenting with Mustehsan in season 14 would be novel, but it seemed like Pee Jaoon or Baari all over again. Sajan Das Na, for example. I admire Atif Aslam for stepping outside of his comfort zone and making it enjoyable. Momina, on the other hand, does not appear to be receptive to any experimentation; all she did was move wonderfully while singing in the same style as before. We can anticipate more styles from her in the future.

Listen to Beparwah Momina Mustehsan here

Despite this, the lyrics portray a lovely longing for the lover. The song video with the words “Mujh ko yaar se mila de, rabba ab tou sila dey, mein tou haarne lagi hun khud se, mere ansu wo gira dey jo tujh ko hansa dey” was truly a wonderful idea!

Final Verdict

Overall, as we’ve seen with Pasoori, Tu Jhoom, Kana Yaari, Muaziz Saarif, Peechay Hutt, and Ye Dunya this year, this is another fantastic addition to many people’s playlists. We only have one question for Xulfi: what’s next?

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