Youngest Pakistani mountaineer to summit Everest

The 19-year-old youngest Pakistani mountaineer Shehroze Kashif who became the youngest Pakistani mountaineer to reach the summit of Mount Everest — 8,848.86 meters is all ready to scale up to the heights of Godwin Austin K2.

In an update on Facebook, Nepalese mountaineer and the expedition manager of Seven Summit Treks, Chhang Dawa Sherpa, congratulated Kashif for becoming the youngest Pakistani to climb Mount Everest. “This morning Kashif successfully climbed the Mt. Everest as a part of Seven Summit Treks Everest Expedition 2021,” he wrote.

Hailing from Lahore, Shehroze Kashif’s first trip was at 11 years old when he journeyed to the 3,885m Makra Peak, trailed by Musa Ka Musalla, a 4,080m pinnacle.

Proceeding to prepare for more and harder journeys, he did the Gondogor La K2 Base Camp trip at 14 years old and at 15 had the option to finish the Khurdo Pin Pass (5,800m) journey. At 18, he did Khusar Gang, a 6,050m pinnacle Alpine style.

Alpine vs Expedition

Alpine style means no supplementary oxygen, light packing, zero reliance on fixed ropes and high-altitude porters/Sherpas, and moving fast. This makes a climb over 6,000m riskier as the altitude increases. Whereas, Expedition style depends on fixed ropes set along the climbing routes by Sherpas/HAPs and the use of bottled oxygen.

Shehroze Kashif journeys toward K2

Talking with a new media outlet via telephone from Skardu, Kashif shared his excitement, “This is a 30-day campaign to perhaps the most troublesome mountains in the world. I’m the only Pakistani in a group of around five individuals going on this excursion with Summit Karakoram (a traveler organization) and a Nepalese coordinator. God willing, if successful I’ll become the youngest climber in the world to summit K2.”

Currently, Shehroze has reached Urdukus point, from where he will trek up to Goro 2 and then towards Concordia that will lead up to the K2 Basecamp. It usually takes 8-9 walking days to get to the K2 base camp from Askole. K2 base camp trek distance is 90 Kilometres from Askoli, the last village of Shigar Valley. Askole is reachable by Jeep from Skardu, it is 8 Hours Drive and distance is 126 Kilometres.

The year 2021 started off with Ali Sadpara’s winter expedition towards summiting K2. After celebrating his 45th birthday on the 2nd February 2021, Ali Sadpara left K2 Base Camp with John Snorri, Juan Pablo, and Sajid Sadpara. And never returned.

Reports then came that Sadpara, along with Snorri and Prieto, successfully summited K2, and had gone missing. Furthermore, they lost contact with the base camp late on Friday and were reported missing after their support team stopped receiving reports from them during their ascent of the 8,611m-high K2.

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Sending out good wishes ad prayers for the safe journey for Shehroze Kashif!

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