According to the leaked data from Facebook data breach, Mark Zuckerberg uses Signal messenger app. Revealing more about it, a security researcher disclosed it by posting his leaked phone number which corroborated that the Facebook CEO uses the Signal app.

Mark Zuckerberg using Signal app

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s telephone number was found in the leaked information of 533 million Facebook users. In what might be viewed as the greatest information leaks ever, Zuckerberg’s different subtleties like his name, birth date, area, marriage details, and Facebook client ID were likewise revealed in the compromised information, as indicated by a report.

It was uncovered in the release that Zuckerberg uses the Signal application. Furthermore, security unveiled it by posting his leaked telephone number which authenticated that the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg uses the Signal application. So much for trusting his own creation…


Security experts Dave Walker weighs in

Security expert Dave Walker, “In another turn of events, Mark Zuckerberg also respects his own privacy, by using a chat app that has end-to-end encryption and isn’t owned by @facebook.

He added, “This is the number associated with his account from the recent Facebook leak.”

He also shared this along with a screenshot of Zuckerberg’s leaked phone number which mentioned, “Mark Zuckerberg is on Signal.”

“Regarding the Facebook leak of the 533M people, the irony is that Mark Zuckerberg is regrettably included in the leak as well,” Walker wrote in another tweet.

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In light of Walker’s revelation, Signal had some flavor added, tweeting a connect to a tale about Zuckerberg’s Signal record. He further stated, “With the May 15th WhatsApp Terms of Service acceptance deadline fast approaching, Mark leads by example.”

Facebook data breach in 2019

However, Facebook stated that the vulnerability was detected in 2019 that let phone numbers of millions of users be abraded from the platform’s servers. Facebook clarified that the vulnerability was mended in August 2019, but according to Gal, despite the flaw being patched, it could provide relevant information to cyber criminals.

According to another security expert, Alon Gal, the information was released a year ago because of a susceptibility that uncovered the telephone number connected to each Facebook account.

Notwithstanding, Facebook expressed that the problem and vulnerability was identified in 2019. Millions of users’ phone numbers scraped from the platform’s servers. Facebook explained that the weakness was repaired in August 2019. However as indicated by Gal, notwithstanding the defect being fixed, it could give significant data to digital hackers.

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